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Once Upon a Time, season 3 episode 19, “A Curious Thing”

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Well! I have had the week from H-E-double hockey sticks, so the last thing on my mind was writing the Once Upon a Time review. But, seeing as how the new episode will be on in a couple of hours, I better get this one wrapped up so we can move on to the next one! Plus, I may need to refresh my memory after the week I’ve had!

We start with the characters in the Enchanted Forest, discussing announcing the Charmings’ coming baby. Belle tells them what happened with Rumpel and Neal. Aurora reveals that Zelena wants the Charmings’ baby for some reason. Zelena arrives and turns Aurora and her prince into flying monkeys, then freezes Snow and Charming and Regina. She places a hand on Snow’s belly and says the baby will do nicely and she will be back for it. I find it strange still that they give us an “8 months later” caption in the next scene because Snow was obviously very pregnant in the previous scene, so the passage of time seems silly. I know they tried to make her look less pregnant with flowing dresses, but when Zelena put her hand on a protruding belly, it is obvious that she is not merely one month along. The fairies have come up with nothing that they can do to stop Zelena. Since Rumpel warned them of the curse the last time, they think they should try that again. Irony is that Robin Hood and Regina are verbally sparring when in the current world they are making out in a hallway.

Regina, back in red, meets with Emma and the Charmings. They are trying to figure out why Zelena brought them back to this world and what she gave up since the curse requires you to sacrifice the heart of the thing you love most. They decide that Henry needs to believe to break the curse and get their memories back. Because perhaps why they don’t remember is because they discovered something that would defeat Zelena.

Rumpel arrives where Zelena is waiting with Hook in the trunk. Zelena promises that if he doesn’t kiss Emma soon, she will kill Henry.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, the little band finds Rumpel in his house, spinning. Charming thinks he’s lost his mind, but Rumpel says he has two minds (his and Neal’s). Belle holds his hand and asks him how to defeat Zelena. He says light magic and Glinda, the good witch. He quotes a little rhyme about stepping through a door.

In Storybrooke, they are looking for the story book that Henry had that caused him to believe in the first place. Snow said it appeared in her closet when Henry needed it, so they head to her apartment. Henry confronts Emma, wanting to know the truth, but Emma resists and snaps at him. He pretends to relent, but tries to steal Emma’s car to head to a bus station to go to New York. Hook catches him and offers to help him.

I love Snow’s line when Charming asks why women keep their shoeboxes: “Because after true love, there is no more powerful magic than footwear–it HAS to be protected.” In a chest, Emma didn’t see the book, but when Snow checks it, she finds the book. Emma and Snow have a little heart-to-heart about Emma wanting to go back to New York after it’s done.

In the Enchanted Forest, Snow, Charming, and Regina (wearing blue) are looking for the way to the good witch. They come across a door and remember Rumpel’s rhyme about the pure of heart stepping inside. Snow goes through and disappears. Charming goes through and disappears. Regina goes through and nothing happens, so she stomps back out and slams the door. It looks like Narnia on the other side, snow-covered. They meet Glinda, who tells them that her magic is not powerful enough to defeat Zelena. She says that they were friends but Zelena gave in to the darkness. Glinda says that Zelena’s power resides in her pendant and that only someone with powerful light magic, love, can defeat her. But, since Emma isn’t in that world, they decide they have to enact the curse to get to her. However, Regina says the only way is to destroy the heart of the thing she loves most, but that’s Henry. Charming says Snow can do it by crushing his heart, but Snow says they will find another way.

In Storybrooke, Henry is discovered to be missing and GPS tells them he is on the docks, where Hook is telling Henry that Smee will sail him to New York. We know that it’s to get him to safety. However, a flock of flying monkeys descend and they take refuge in the boathouse. As Hook shoots one and it turns to dust, I wonder if it could be Aurora. The rest arrive and help to fight them off. Henry is dumbfounded about what those things were and Charming having a sword. Emma shows him the book and tells him he needs to believe in magic and asks if he believes in her. When he says yes, she asks him to take the book. As soon as he touches it, all his memories come back and he rushes to hug Regina. Emma leans over to kiss him to break the curse, but he disappears and Zelena is across the room holding him by the neck. Regina goes after her and she is knocked to the ground unconscious. Emma summons some powerful light that burns Zelena and she releases Henry and screams at them and disappears.

In the Enchanted Forest, the Charmings and Regina are standing over a cauldron. Snow is beside herself at the thought of taking Charming’s heart, but he convinces her by saying that their baby will be the reflection of their love and that they have always shared one heart. Even Regina is teary as they say good-bye. Regina rips his heart out and hands it to Snow. Snow holds it over the cauldron and keeping her eyes on him, crushes it to dust and he falls to the floor. We wonder how this can be since he is in Storybrooke and we start to wonder if he might be like Walsh, a flying monkey in disguise. Zelena arrives and throws in a forgetting potion to the cauldron so that even though they will have the curse take them to Storybrooke, they won’t know how to defeat Zelena or even who she is.

I can’t figure out why Regina was so unconscious with this hit from Zelena in the boathouse when she didn’t bat an eye at being thrown through the clock tower. But, she gets up and kisses Henry on the head and the forgetting curse is broken. They had thought Emma would break it, but it was Regina. Snow tells Emma that they cast the curse. Emma wants to know how they could both still be here after having to sacrifice the thing they loved most.

Back at the cauldron, Snow tells Regina that since she and Charming have one heart, she believes her heart is strong enough for both of them and that Regina can split it in two so they both can live. Snow grins very weirdly at Regina until Regina rips her heart out. She places the halves in Snow and Charming and then Charming wakes up. Regina isn’t just teary now, she is actually crying.

In Storybrooke, Henry and Regina are catching up. He is totally stoked that she is in love with Robin Hood. Hook tells Emma that he was trying to save Henry from Zelena and that she was trying to force him to kiss Emma to steal her magic. Snow and Charming arrive to say that they didn’t send the message that Hook said he got telling him to find Emma with the antidote.

In the Enchanted Forest, Zelena drinks a potion to make her impervious to the forgetting potion and hands a bottle to Rumpel. He starts to drink it and then Neal escapes from his body (NEAL!) and writes the message to find Emma and ties it and the potion on a bird and tells it to find Hook. Then he falls back into Rumpel’s body.

Visiting Neal’s grave, Henry asks Emma if it was hard coming back and she said she knew how he would have voted. He says “Operation Cobra” is back on. Just then, Snow lets out a squeal because the baby is coming.

In the preview for tonight’s episode, Snow is in the hospital delivering the baby with the lights flickering (hmmm…what is so special about THIS baby?) and Zelena is bearing down on the hospital. Belle tries to stand in her way, but Zelena renders her unconscious and insults Rumpel’s taste in women. Regina tells Henry to get in a closet (she’s wearing red). Regina is knocked down, Charming is frozen, and we see Zelena with the baby in her arms. Then we see Dorothy being introduced to Glinda and she says she doesn’t want to hurt Zelena who replies that she will make sure she doesn’t. And then we catch a glimpse of Zelena’s face melting. It can’t be over that easily though because there is a two hour season finale following this episode!

Thank you for sharing!

She-Who Must-Not Be-Named

Saturday 14th of November 2015

hook is my fave character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)