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Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 12 recap and review

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Sunday night marked the return of Once Upon a Time. It was “halftime”, so to speak in season three. I was so excited because it is my all-time favorite show! They have been teasing us for a while now that the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz was coming.

As always, they did a recap before the show, but this time it was interesting because they included the actors in talking about the series.

When the episode started, I was surprised to see Emma’s new love interest was Christopher Gorham, who we know from the series Covert Affairs. Sometimes I love making connections with actors to other shows, like Belle and Regina being on Lost, but this one threw me, for some reason–he’s with the wrong blond! And I kept wanted to call him Auggie, not Walsh. My initial reaction was to be suspicious that he wasn’t who he appeared to be because I know this show by now. However, Henry liked him and Henry always seemed to be able to see what others couldn’t (i.e., that the fairy tales were true, that Regina was capable of good). Though, now that I consider that, I wonder if he’s losing his touch since he couldn’t tell that Pan was evil.

Hook continues to try to get Emma to remember and sent her to Neal’s old apartment where she finds a camera with a strap that had Henry’s name on it. He offers her a blue vial to drink so she would remember everything (I was looking for the red one, which should be the truth and the blue one means life continues as you believe it to be–apparently they didn’t want to follow tradition here). Instead, she has him arrested. She gets the film developed and finds pictures of her and Henry in Storybrooke, so she bails Hook out and drinks the vial and remembers everything. She bemoans how her life just got complicated in one day and I thought maybe she should have asked for the red vial! Hook tells her that the town of Storybrooke and all the characters are restored to this world though he doesn’t know how or if they have their memories, just that they are in trouble.

Meanwhile, the other characters have made it back to the Enchanted Forest and encounter Sleeping Beauty and her prince, who are expecting a child. They all start to trek back to Regina’s castle, hoping their solidarity will convince everyone that Regina has changed. In a private conversation, Sleeping Beauty and her prince discuss whether they should warn them about “her” but Beauty is afraid “she” will hurt their baby.

Regina is caught burying her heart in the woods to avoid the pain of missing Henry but Snow gives her an impassioned speech about how she must honor Henry and Regina puts it back. When they get near the castle, they find that the protection spell Regina used has been hijacked and they go to hide in the woods with Robin Hood.

Emma decides to go to Storybrooke and to break it off with Walsh. Then his true nature comes out when he asks why she had to drink the blue vial, which he shouldn’t have known about. He turns into a flying monkey and Emma fights him off and kills him. I guess he had to go back to Covert Affairs! She tells Hook they will go to Storybrooke in the morning, but still hasn’t told Henry anything other than that she is on a case for Hook. When she arrives early in Storybrooke, she leaves a sleeping Henry in the car (I laughed at leaving Captain Hook as your babysitter) and goes to their old apartment where she is greeted by her dad (Prince Charming/David) and they both are surprised and relieved that they have their memories. He indicates that he has no memory of the past year, that it was as if they had just parted the day before. Emma asks how he knows it’s been a year. Snow comes down the stairs revealing that she is very noticeably pregnant. I was wondering how they would work around that: Ginnifer Goodwin who plays Snow and Josh Dallas who plays Charming met and fell in love on set. They are engaged and currently expecting a baby. We were looking for signs of pregnancy as we watched this episode and in the Enchanted Forest, they had her wearing a huge tent-like coat. So, I am happy to see that they are working her pregnancy into the storyline, since they had previously talked about having more children.

It looks like we will be introduced to the Wicked Witch in the next episode. It appears that the Wicked Witch and Regina may have some prior ties, so my prediction is that maybe they were sisters. I know Dorothy’s house dropped on the witch of the east in Oz, but you never know what these writers could come up with! There was a reference to Oz in a previous season when the Mad Hatter was opening portals–one of the doors was clearly leading to Oz. Foreshadowing?

All in all, I thought it was a great episode, though I was disappointed that they drug us on for another week on meeting the Wicked Witch. It did seem like there was only minimal tribute to Henry and Emma’s year together and the eight months she spent with Walsh, but maybe it’s better to dive in than to bore us with the mundane details!

Any thoughts on either the series, this current episode, or what will happen next? Share in the comments below!

Thank you for sharing!

Victoria H

Thursday 13th of March 2014

I love this show. I did not know it had started again though. I will be checking Hulu today.

Natasha Mairs

Wednesday 12th of March 2014

I've never heard of this series , maybe it's only available in US