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October Baby Movie Review

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octoberbabyThe other night my husband and I rented Madea’s Witness Protection through Redbox. I had set up the rental online and I was unable to get any of the free codes to work online so I just paid the rental fee. My husband went to the kiosk and got the movie and tried the codes and he was able to score us a free rental. Since I wasn’t with him he remembered that I had wanted to see October Baby too so he got that as our second movie choice.

We watched Madea’s Witness Protection first and as always Tyler Perry movies are funny, but also have a good moral point to them.

Then I popped in October Baby. Within the first 30 minutes I was choking up. The story is about a girl named Hannah who finds out she is a result of a failed abortion. She is 19 when she finds out from her doctor as an explanation to her medical symptoms (seizures, asthma, depression, many surgeries,etc.)

See, her adopted parents never told her she was adopted. Now personally I think that is wrong. A child should know as soon as they are able to understand that they were adopted,. It is not a bad thing. It just gives the child  a feeling of knowing who they are. I think it would be extremely difficult to find out when you are a teen because you already are trying to figure out who you are in general.

Hannah not only found out she was adopted but also the result of a failed abortion. I could not even imagine. I don’t even know what to write about this.

Hannah then started on this amazing journey to find her birth mother. She went with a group of friends from school who I think were on Spring Break. They were on their way to New Orleans but Hannah plans on stopping off in Mobile, Alabama where she is born.

Hannah ends up in Mobile at the hospital where she was born. Unfortunately the hospital was closed so she broke in. She got caught but in a God-way trend of events the police officer knows the woman who signed her birth certificate. He gives her the address.

Hannah goes and finds out that the woman who signed her birth certificate is not her mother, but the nurse who worked at the abortion clinic. The nurse, played by Jasmine Guy, explains what happened and gives her the name of her birth mother.

Hannah’s next stop is to her birth mother. Now I was expecting this amazing moment where she meets her mother, they cry, forgive, and then build a relationship. That is NOT what happened. The mother was about to admit she was the mother and then her husband came in. She then treated Hannah like a client of hers and sent her on her way.

This story is no over yet though. Hannah learns to find God’s forgiveness towards her birth mom and her adopted parents. She forgives her biological mom with a simple note and goes back to Alabama to give it to her by placing it on her desk while she is gone. They do not form a relationship but forgiveness is found through God’s love,. When you watch the credits you will learn that the actress playing the biological mom really did have an abortion and when you see her crying because of the forgiveness note that is real. She had a moment with God during that scene.

Recently I had training at the crisis pregnancy center I worked at and have learned what a burden abortion really puts on the birth mom. This story is amazing and was very well written. I did not give away the whole story. This movie had so much depth. The characters were fully formed and the movie was amazing!!!!

Thank you for sharing!

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