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Nicholas Shows Off at The Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Thank you for sharing!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary admission to the Clearwater Marine aquarium as a Dolphin Tale 2 Ambassador, regardless, all opinions are my own.


Not only are Winter and Hope in Dolphin Tale 2, so is Nicholas. Nicholas doesn’t play himself, he plays Mandy. Mandy is a key part of Dolphin Tale 2. When Winter’s surrogate mom, Panama, dies Winter must be paired with another female dolphin or Winter will have to leave. Mandy was rescued shortly before Panama dies. Everyone wants Winter to be able to stay at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, so they hope Mandy is the partner Winter is looking for.

Nicholas was found on Christmas Eve 2002 with his mom, Noelle, near Gibsonton, Florida. Nicholas was only about 6 months old.  The two were moved to the CMA. Sadly, Noelle died shortly afterwards. The CMA team worked on Nicholas as he sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 30% of his body. His condition was critical as the burns can lead to serious infection, plus he had lost his mother, his natural source of nutrition. With the excellent care from the CMA , Nicholas fully recovered!

Nicholas showed off some of his tricks for us at the aquarium when we visited. He “cleaned” up his room, played with his toys, did some awesome jumps, and even “waved” goodbye with his tail. Sorry about some of  the text being cut off, not sure why youtube did that.

Dolphin Tale 2 comes out September 12, 2014!

Thank you for sharing!


Sunday 10th of March 2019

We visited CMA in December (my favorite aquarium experience ever) and are watching the movie now and I just knew Mandy looked like Nicholas! Thank you for confirming my hunch.