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New to The Fosters

Thank you for sharing!

131355_0074_ful-1024x767Since I blog about Disney on my blog Pixie Dust Savings, I think it is important that I get immersed in the media that ABC/Disney puts out. One of the shows they put out is called The Fosters. The Foster’s show is on ABC Family. It is a show I was interested in watching because of my time in foster care and my desire to be a foster parent. Not many shows really tell what it is like in the system. Over the weekend I watched several episodes of the first season, I think I am on episode 16 of season 1. I do have several problems with this show though as I think they push the buttons on several controversial issues.

One issue is the “morning after” pill. One of the boys has sex and the parents give the girlfriend the morning after pill without consulting the girls’ parents. The girl, Lexi, was scared to tell her parents because they were Christians. The boy did not get in much trouble and the show concentrated on the decision to give Lexi the pill. The boy was reminded to use condoms next time.

Another issue is promiscuity. At least with the show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” the producers at least tried to get the point across that waiting is at least an option. It is not even discussed in this show. Safe sex is discussed, but sex is more than physical and the show doesn’t touch on that subject at all.

My third issue is the glorification of the homosexual lifestyle. It is celebrated. The fosters parents are 2 moms, Lena and Stephanie. Stephanie’s father is a conservative Christian, much like myself, and he is viewed as intolerant and a bigot. The father does not agree with Stephanie’s choices. He does not disown her or say anything. He was going to go to their wedding and Stephanie told him not too unless he could really celebrate the idea. He did choose not to go. I found that episode difficult because as Christians we are supposed to love and not judge, but at the same time we are supposed to hate sin. Could I go to a friend’s gay wedding? I could probably go, but probably wouldn’t be a member of the wedding party.

Yet, I continue to watch the show because it is a good show otherwise. Callie, the main character, is a 16 year foster child that is just trying to find her place in the world. The show gets the foster system correct. Independant living, in home rapes, and being thrown home to home and other real topics covered. Callie considers Independent Living, but in the end decides she needs a family more than independence. I made the same decision.

The writing of the show is good. I wish Christian producers would make a similar show.

So, have you ever watched The Foster’s? What do you think about the show?

Thank you for sharing!