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New Disney Character Interactions – Are They Still Magical?

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Ask anyone who knows me and they would tell you I am a Disney character addict. I love character dining, character meet & greets, and parades. When Disney announced characters weren’t meeting with guests anymore I was nervous. Are Disney’s modified character interactions still magical? My answer is yes, and here is why.

What Makes Disney Character Interactions so Special?

Disney Personalizes Each Interaction. I can tell you so many stories of character interactions at Disney that have wowed and made me feel special. One way Disney character interactions are so special is the individualizations of the interactions. Each character takes their time and talks to you and notices something about you that they can chat with you about.

I remember when me and my friend, Julie, went for my birthday and we visited Cinderella we talked to her about my birthday and the fact that I made my skirt. Well, later Julie and I went and visited the Fairy Godmother. Cinderella had talked to the Fairy Godmother about us and she knew us when she saw us.

Post-COVID that personal interaction is still here. I was outside watching Anastasia and Drizella outside of Princess Fairytale Hall the other day and the way there were interacting with the guests was so individual. They made sure to talk to anybody that was watching them. I was wearing my Sally ears and they joked with me that their jokes were so funny I was in stitches! I loved it! They made their interaction personal like they always have!

Disney has A LOT of Character Interactions. I have made whole days just about characters and only got on a few rides.

Post-COVID there are just as many character opportunities. While there are no parades there are short character cavalcades and there are a lot of them. There are also characters that pop up at the Main Street Train Station, Rivers of America, Crystal Palace, and more.

Daisy playing peek a boo with a toddler.

Rare Disney Characters Post-COVID

Want to see some rare Disney characters? Normally to see Mickey and the gang in their Halloween Costumes you have to attend the Halloween party. To see Santa Goofy you need to dine at Hollywood & Vine Holiday Dine. Now, these characters are out for everyone to see! To me, this gives extra value to your theme park ticket!

Have you had a magical character greet post-COVID? Let me know about it in the comments!

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