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My New Addiction- Disney’s Tsum Tsum

Thank you for sharing!

Disney's Tsum Tsum

Have you played Disney’s Tsum Tsum game yet? I am someone who finds a game to play on my phone and play it until I get bored with it. Sometimes they are popular games, sometimes they are not. When I heard about the Tsum Tsum (pronounced zoom-zoom) game, I was interested and downloaded it instantly.

What I like about the game:

  • The character you can play with. I have “collected” quite a few Tsums through leveling up and coins. My favorite characters to play with are Marie and Dumbo. I like the special things they do. They are cute.
  • The game play. I like how the game is easy to play. You just have to connect 3 or more Tsums together to get points. The longer the chain, the more points you get.
  • The design. The games has simple menus and is easy to understand.
  • The high score timeline. I like how the game keeps track of your high school, but also has a weekly high score.

What I don’t like about the game:

  • The app is not independent. You have to download the Line app to be able to play. I have too many other social media networks/apps to manage and don’t feel like adding one more because of a game I will play for awhile. So, for me I play the game just for my own benefit and don’t have friends added.
  • Is there a point to the game?  I am on level 32 I think and have not noticed a difference an increase of difficulty. If there is, please let me know in the comments.  For me, I have made up the point of the game to collect all the Tsums without paying money to the app.
  • The slowness of leveling up. Maybe I am a horrible player but I only level up 1-3% per game play. It takes forever to level up.

Overall, I give Disney Tsum Tsum app  3.8/5 Stars. It is fun to play, would be great to play while in a line at Disney!

Thank you for sharing!