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Missing Disney? Do These 9 Things When You Need a Disney Fix

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With my family being so busy now, we just don’t have a free hour to go to Disney. I am a Disney addict and that just won’t do. I need Disney magic in my life all the time. I am missing Disney like crazy! Even know there is nothing like being on Main Street looking at the castle, smelling the popcorn, and taking in the sounds of the Dapper Dans a little bit of Disney magic can be had at home. Here are 9 things I do when I need a Disney Fix and can’t get to the parks.

Missing Disney


Missing Disney? Do These 9 Things

  1. Plan your next Disney vacation. I start by watching the Disney Vacation Planning DVD. Then I head to Pinterest to pin anything and everything about Disney Parks. I try to find things I have not done yet and find out more details and reviews.
  2. Watch YouTube. You can “ride” rides, draw with Animators from the Animation, listen to the Dapper Dans, and even watch the Fireworks.
  3. Make Disney Food. Make an at home version of your favorite Disney food. Check out the Grey Stuff from Be Our Guest Restaurant Recipe.
  4. Have a Disney Movie Marathon. I have a list of 20 movies you should see before going to Disney World. Another idea would be to watch some of the older Disney movies to see the history.
  5. Make a Disney Craft. I made a Disney Savings jar. You can always make an autograph book, t-shirt, or put together a Disney Bounding outfit. If you know when your next trip is, make a Disney Countdown craft.
  6. Head to the Disney Store. If you are lucky enough to live near a Disney Store, go there. If you go when they open, you can even see their version of a rope drop. Window shop or just buy yourself something small to commemorate the moment.
  7. Have a Disney Themed Date or Family Night. My husband and I did a Beauty and the Beast Themed Date and it made us feel closer to the mouse. Have a Star Wars themed night, a Frozen themed night, or any theme you would want and come up with activities and menus that would go with the theme.
  8. Scrapbook. Have older Disney pictures you need to have printed off and showcased? Make a scrapbook or two or three of your past vacations while you are waiting to go on your next.
  9. Add Disney Decor to your own Space. Just coming into my home brings you a little bit into Disney World. Make one or more rooms in your home Disney themed and feel the Disney Magic every time you go into that room. The Disney Store has some really cute kitchen pieces, but don’t limit yourself to the Disney Store. Check Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, yard sales and more to find unique pieces that speak to you.

What is your favorite way to fill your need for a Disney fix?

Thank you for sharing!