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My Winn-Dixie App Review

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Last week I saw a sponsored post n my Facebook feed from Winn-Dixie advertising their new app. Try it out and you get a coupon for FREE eggs (the current offer at the time). Winn-Dixie is one of my favorite stores to shop at. They have great prices on meat. I downloaded the app to see what it was about.

The My Winn-Dixie App is an app that lets you make a list from their weekly flyer. The app also lets you choose coupons and then when you swipe your WD card it takes the applicable coupons off your total. The app also keeps track of your Fuel Perks.

My Winn-Dixie App Review

The app was easy to install and I had no problems adding my card. I scanned my card and it automatically loaded my account.

The coupons feature is helpful. I like being able to add coupons to my card. Coupons, both manufacturer and store , are available through the app from The app customizes the list for you and puts the items you tend to buy at the top. When you click on a particular coupon, it’s recorded onto your account. At the cash register, when you scan your WD card and buy the product, the coupon is automatically deducted. You don’t have to pull it up on phone. I got the free eggs coupon and all I did was scan my card at the checkout.

What about coupon stacking with the My Winn-Dixie App?  Just like paper coupons, store coupons can be used with a manufacturer coupon for any qualifying purchases.

Keeping track of my FuelPerks is something that up until now I just kept track of by keeping receipts. As long as I was the last one to shop I was good. If my husband shopped then I didn’t have the receipt. The ability to keep track of the fuel perks is an awesome part of the app. It even keeps you up to date on how much more is needed to spend until the next bonus Fuel Perk.

Though it is nice to have the list feature on the My Winn-Dixie App, I probably won’t use it much. One reason is that I found it a little bit hard to navigate. They scanned the ad and then you have to click on each item for more details and click back again to see the whole ad again.  I prefer Favado since I can compare all the stores in one place. Favado also lets me see all available coupons for a particular item, not just digital ones.

Overall, I give the My Winn-Dixie app 4/5 stars.

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Thank you for sharing!