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15 Must Buy Items from ALDI Market+ ALDI Shopping Tips

Thank you for sharing!

Do you like to coupon? I used to coupon all the time and then didn’t do it as much. Couponing is great for some items that your household uses all the time and if you have a large family. Overall though, my shopping list contains more non-processed foods and I love shopping at Aldi’s for those items. Here are my 15 Must Buy Items from ALDI Market.

Must Buy Items from ALDI

15 Must Buy Items from ALDI

Eggs. Eggs are almost always cheaper at Aldi’s. They are usually right around a dollar and many times even less than that. Even when all the other grocery stores had outrageous prices, ALDI market prices were still great.

Milk. Milk is usually under $3 a gallon. Soy and Almond milk prices are good as well. We mainly buy almond milk in my home.

Cheese. Not regular cheese, but unique and flavorful cheeses. ALDI market always has a wonderful selection to choose from and they are really good!

Sugar. White sugar, brown sugar, and sugar substitutes are always at rock bottom prices are ALDI. Just make sure the sugar packages are soft so you can easily transfer to a container for long term keeping.

Oils & Vinegars. ALDI market has a great selection of vinegars and oils at decent prices. I have discovered though that their white vinegar is a little bit more expensive than Save-A-Lot’s.

Organic Dressings. Organic Dressings are about the price of regular brand dressing at other national grocery chains. They are very flavorful too, love the available flavors they have.

Canned Beans. I don’t buy many canned veggies because of the increased sodium, but I am still a lazy girl when it comes to beans. I buy Kidney, chili, and black beans at ALDI Market. All of their canned goods are at really decent prices.

Salad Mix. Usually when salad goes on sale at regular grocery stores, they are still over $2. Salad mixes at ALDI are usually always under $2.

Gluten Free Bread & Snacks. I have recently discovered that I have a gluten sensitivity, so I have been trying to make small switches to have better health. ALDI has a good selection of gluten free products that are much cheaper than bigger stores. My favorite are the gluten free pretzels and the bread is pretty tasty too.

Rice. Big bag of rice for a small price. Great for when you have a beans and rice budget type of week.

Trail Mix. My husband loves taking trail mix to work. ALDI has some tasty trail mixes at great prices.

Frozen Vegetables. Most frozen vegetables are under $1.19 in my area.

Chip and Snacks. Chips and snacks are cheap at ALDI, though I am not a fan of their cookies.

Frozen Potatoes. Frozen potatoes have rock bottom prices that always beat my local grocery stores.

Some Produce. ALDI can have some awesome produce prices, but they don’t always have the best looking produce selection.

ALDI Market Shopping Tips

  • Bring a quarter to get a cart.
  • Bring your own bags, in hot climates keep a cooler in your car so you can keep cool things cool. Try these great reusable bags that fit in your cart for a perfect shopping experience!
  • Make ALDI shopping trip #1, and then go to your regular grocery store.
  • ALDI does not accept coupons and no rebate apps accept ALDI receipts, but the savings you get are much more than you would save if coupons and rebate apps were used.

What are your Must Buy Items from ALDI Food Market? Let me know in the comments!

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Thank you for sharing!

tiffany dayton

Thursday 8th of December 2016

We love Aldi, I shop there all the time.

Mary Beth Elderton

Monday 5th of December 2016

One of our "must buys" at Aldi are the hams and other meats. Here in our neighborhood the prices and quality are simply much better than other stores.