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Motivational Monday- Mandisa’s Overcomer

Thank you for sharing!

I have decided to start a weekly thread called Motivational Mondays. Each Monday I am going to share something that helps motivate me. It might be a song like today or a story, poem, picture, or whatever strikes my fancy. Mandisa is one of my favorite Christian artists. She is real. Did you know she didn’t go to the awards show because she didn’t want to be around all that temptation. She did win an award though!! Yea!!

Mandisa’s Overcomer

This particular song of hers is called Overcomer. It is about trusting in God to get us through our struggles. To me it means I can overcome my weight issues, my past, and my insecurities. I have God on my side. The video is very inspiring we well as it showcases the stories of Robin Roberts from GMA and some other celebrities as they battled cancer and more. I don’t have to battle cancer, but I am battling obesity. I can win! I can overcome!!

So, what do you need to overcome?

Thank you for sharing!