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Monster’s University Movie Review

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My husband and I bought our ticket through Fandango about 2 weeks ago. According to the Fandango. website, all of the 3d tickets for the midnight showing had been sold out. We then opted for the regular 2d tickets for the 12:01 am showing. We arrived at the movie theater around 10 and I thought I would check to see if they possibly had any 3d tickets left. I went to the customer service desk and the representative said sure and then told me that there is a 10:45 3d showing we could go to. How awesome was that?!?! There were only about 8-15 people in the whole theater.

Monster's University

As for the 3d, you can skip that and save your money. It did not add anything to the movie. A couple of scenes could have benefited from the 3d technology but Disney/Pixar did not utilize it to its’ full potential.

At the beginning of the movie there is a short, if you miss it because you are late, don’t worry you don’t miss much. The story is very similar to The Paperman (which I LOVE) but involving umbrellas. I was hoping for something fresh and different and was disappointed.


As many Monster’s Inc fans would know there is a continuity problem between how Mike and Sully meet. In Monster’s Inc., it is referenced that Mike and Sully knew each since other since 4th grade, in Monster’s University they meet for the first time in college. You can check out what the director says regarding the continuity issue between the two movies here.


The movie is good, but not the greatest thing Disney/Pixar has put out in my opinion. For awhile the story goes along very predictably (you think the movie may be over) and then a very unexpected plot twist happens. Many of the characters from Monster’s Inc, were referenced in one way or another, even the small bit characters like Roz.  A couple times concerning the interactions between Mike and Sully, you think you were watching Monster’s Inc.  I wish they would of built up Randall’s story line a little better.  The new characters are varied and give added entertainment to the film.

I don’t want to give the story line away, but I very much like how Disney handled Mike’s failures and successes. The movie teaches kids and adults alike that some jobs or skills are just not in our ability.

Another great thing about the movie is how they dated the movie. The technology was older and you could tell you were in the past. My husband seems to think Mike and Sully were about 40 when Monster’s Inc was made because of Monster’s University.

Oh, and one last very, important thing. Watch ALL the end credits…there is a scene at the VERY end that is hilarious. My husband and I always watch the credits, we like to see how many production babies and other cute titles given such as caffeination technician . Disney has a habit of doing some cool things at the end of the movie. Because we stayed until the end of the credits we got to see the FINAL scene by ourselves.

I had some fun taking my pic in the student id prop after the movie was over. The Catch Archie Game (app) is pretty fun on your phone and you find out the story behind Archie in the movie. If you have Disney Zoom (app) you can interact with the movie poster while you are waiting for the movie to start. I watched an extended movie preview and other fun things.

monster univ april prop

So, what did you think about Monster’s University? Did your kids enjoy it? Did you? I would really love to hear your opinion.

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Thank you for sharing!

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Victoria H

Saturday 22nd of June 2013

This sounds like something that my boys would enjoy watching.


Friday 21st of June 2013

I attended an advance screening of the movie and LOVED it!!

Pixie Dust Savings

Friday 21st of June 2013

I would love to attend an advance screening of movies, especially Disney movies. Who do you contact for opportunities like that?


Friday 21st of June 2013

This is one that is on my list to take my niece and nephew to. Don't think I'll be hitting the 3d one though. They are a bit too young for that.

Pam Hudson

Friday 21st of June 2013

I don't go to too many movies and this would not be on my list. I might catch it on DVD though.