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A Girl’s Guide to Monster Jam | Monster Jam Tips & Review

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Monster Jam is coming to Orlando at the Camping World Stadium January 21, 2017. I was invited to the Monster Jam show that took place in Tampa this past weekend at Raymond James Stadium. When I got the invitation, I wasn’t so sure about attending but my husband really wanted to go so I said yes. The whole entire experience, seeing Monster Jam and going to Raymond James Stadium was brand new to me. I want to share my experience and give you some Monster Jam Tips so you can fully enjoy this fun. action packed show.

Monster Jam Tips

What is Monster Jam?

When I saw the previews and saw the pictures, I thought this was just a show where HUGE trucks crush cars and jump hills. I was wrong. Monster Jam is a full on competition sport consisting of three rounds in each show. Just like in professional sports there are big names and fan favorites, like Grave and Son Uva Digger.

The first event is just the trucks racing to beat the clock. The drivers go 2 at a time, but they are not racing each other just the clock. After all the trucks have raced the clock, the fastest truck is the winner of that event. In all honesty, this part of the event was kind of not that fun for me.

In the second event, the trucks do race each other two trucks at a time. The trucks compete bracket style where the winner between 2 trucks, battles another winner. The show gets a little bit more fun at this point.

The third event is fun to watch as it is a wheelie event. The wheelie is judged by 5 judges and 1 audience combined vote. The judges highest and lowest scores are dropped and then the numbers added together for the score.

Now onto the competition that gets Monster Jam fans on their feet, the freestyle event! In this part of the competition, the drivers can do whatever they want to obtain high scores from the judges and the crowds’ vote. It is scored the same way as the wheelie competition.

Monster Jam Tips

Prepare for LOUD noises. I did not think of this and during the beginning of the show, I had to cover my ears when ALL of the trucks circled the track. While Monster Jam does sell novelty ear protection and disposable ear plugs, I would guess it would be cheaper tp have those to bring your own noise reducing devices to Monster Jam yourself.

Get tickets for the Pit Party. This is where you can meet the drivers and get up close and personal with the Monster Jam trucks.  I was so disappointed I had to miss this opportunity. Since I was catching the Barnum and Baily Circus in Orlando, I didn’t have the time to go to the party.

How to Pick a Seat.  Since the trucks are big, close up seats are not needed. Save the money and get pit passes! I wouldn’t want nose bleed seats, but I was located pretty far back and still saw all the action!

Bring small toys/games for little ones. Little kids will love Monster Jam but there are lulls during the show because of truck breakdowns and other problems. I had my phone so I was able to keep myself busy. I was also asking my hubby tons of questions.

Monster Jam Review (Thoughts from a Girly, Girl)

I mentioned in the beginning that I decided to go to this event because my husband wanted to go. I mean, big trucks and destruction are things every boy child and man-child likes. But, did I enjoy the show? Yes, I did. If you are a princess like me, you will still enjoy Monster Jam!!

Before the show and during the show the announcers introduced the drivers. Getting to know the drivers and their history helped me have more fun. I was more invested.  That is why I was so disappointed to have missed the Pit Party. I am now a fan of Grave Digger and his son, Son Uva Digger. They are awesome at what they do!

The show is more than just trucks jumping over stuff, it takes talent and skill to do some of the things they do. I was also surprised to see girl drivers. Only one in the competition I watched, but I will be keeping on eye on how both ladies do in the future.

Monster Jam is coming to Orlando January 21st and then they are coming back to Tampa February 4th. You can check the Monster Jam ticket sales page to get those tickets and also see where they are going.

Have you been to Monster Jam? Let me know about your experience in the comments.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets to Monster Jam in exchange for promotion and review. All opinions are my own. 

Thank you for sharing!

Nancy Loring

Friday 10th of February 2017

I will be heading to Brooksville Florida in a few weks and I have always wanted to go to a Monster Jam.