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Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Faces Craft

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One of the most iconic images of Halloween at the Magic Kingdom is the Mickey Mouse Jack-o-Lanterns lining Main Street USA. I was inspired by them when creating this fun Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Faces Craft for kids.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Faces Craft

Like the jack-o-lanterns lining Main Street Mickey’s face is one pumpkin and his ears are made of one pumpkin each. What’s different about this fun craft is that Mikey will have many faces and they can be switched up and as creative as you want them to be.

This craft is super simple and creative. All of the items needed to make this craft can be found at the Dollar Tree.

What Craft Supplies are Needed to make Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Faces Flip Book?

Paper Plates. You need at least 5 per child. Five plates will make 3 faces and 2 ears. More plates equal more faces.

Orange Paint. Poster Paint is best as you are covering a lot of surface area. I also discovered my orange (Rose Art) was kind of light so I did 2 coats.

Yellow or Black Construction Paper. This is to make the eyes, nose, and mouth to cut out for Mickey’s faces.

Brown Construction Paper. For the pumpkin stems.

Basic Crafting Tools. You will need some markers, kid-safe scissors, glue, pencil, and a hole punch.

1 Pipe Cleaner. I used gold.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Faces Flip Book Instructions

As with a lot of my arts & crafts projects, perfection is not needed. Art is a process and just like in nature there is no perfect pumpkin or face. Have fun with this!

Paint the Plates Orange. Cover the table to keep it easy to clean up afterward. I like using a cut-up paper bag. Have kids paint the backside of as many plates as they are making faces, plus 2 extra for the ears. The ear plates only need paint in the middle.

orange painted paper plates on cutting mat

Draw Facial Features. Draw mouths. noses, and eyes on the yellow construction paper. Encourage kids to make the pieces big enough that they can cut them out. Cut face pieces out.

Still waiting for the pumpkins to dry? Check out my Ultimate List of Disney Themed Halloween Movies to pass the time!

yellow construction paper with pumpkin face pieces drawn it

Cut Paper Plates.

  • Do not cut one plate. This one plate will be the base pumpkin.
  • Cut the ribbed rim off of two plates. These will be the ear pumpkins.
  • Cut remaining plates into thirds horizontally.
3 orange paper plates, round dotted line on middle one, 2 dotted lines on 3rd one

Make Mickey Mouse Ears.

Cut out 2 small brown rectangles for the ear pumpkin stems. Glue stems to the center of the ears. Then draw slightly rounded lines with either a draw marker or pencil from the stem to the outside edge of the pumpkin.

Make Flip Book.

Hole Punch Pumpkin Face Pieces. Reconstruct the pieces you cut apart and using a hole punch, punch holes in the layers to make a “book”. This part is pretty hard so an adult will be needed to do this step.

Using 1 Pipe cleaner cut it into 3 pieces to fasten 3 loose rings to put the book together.

Glue facial features to pumpkin.

Attach Pumpkin Ears.

Kids will need to pinch the ears to the last pumpkin to get them to stick since the surface area is ribbed. Have them count to 10 or 15 while they pinch.

Flip the Book to Find All the Funny Faces!

Encourage imagination by asking your kids to tell you a story about their Mickey Faces Jack-o-Lantern.

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