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DIY Memory Lantern | Camping or Beach Vacation Craft

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If you are looking for a great way to preserve memories from a camping or beach vacation, Joanna has a great craft for you to try! I love this DIY Memory Lantern, such a great way to take home a little bit of the beach or woods with you.

Guest post from Joanna Maniscalco. Visit her shop: 4HisGloryGifts

DIY Memory Lantern

Last year we took a group of teens to camp.  I took ziplock bag for each day with that day labeled on it.  Each day I would take something from that day and put it in the bag.  So by the end of the week, I had several of these Ziplock baggies with the date on it. When I got back it was time to find a container so I could make a cute DIY Memory Lantern!


I found the lantern at Pier one that I really liked. I have some of the decorations left from when we had a spaghetti fundraiser. I found a candle to put it in at JoAnns.

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It is a flameless candle that stays on for four hours a day. I’m allergic to smoke so flameless is just perfect and it turns itself on and off which means I don’t have to do that.  The next part is you just start layering everything.

Then you put batteries in the candle.  Lastly, you just have to find a really good spot to put it in. I put mine in our bedroom on one of the tables I have there so that each night I get to see it when it goes on. It is an easy project but it holds so many memories.

Thank you for sharing!

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