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Life Lessons from Disney’s Moana | A Strong Voyager Princess

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Have you seen Moana yet? During its’ debut Thanksgiving weekend it dominated the box office according to Time Magazine. Moana is a powerful movie about a young woman finding out who she is and we can learn a lot of things from Moana.Life lessons from Disney’s Moana. apply not just to those who are young, but also for those young at heart like me.

Life Lessons from Disney's Moana

First, I have to gush about the animation in this story. It was AMAZING! I am pretty sure it is hard to animate water, but the Disney Animation Studios did a great job. The ocean had a personality that you could clearly see even though there were no facial features.

Second, I have to admit that I am severely addicted to the music. If you liked the music in Lilo and Stitch you are going to LOVE the music in Moana! Beautiful Polynesian songs that tell the story of Moana.

In the movie, Moana is learning about herself and how to be a leader in her village like her father. We can learn many life lessons from Disney’s Moana.

***Spoiler Alert*** If you don’t want spoilers…don’t read any further! 

Life Lessons from Disney’s Moana

Respect Your Elders. Moana felt the ocean calling her at a very young age. Even though she loved the ocean she respected her father and stayed on the land. I mean she had her moments of childhood defiance, but overall she tried to be what her father wanted. I truly believe that her obedience to her father, when she was young, helped Moana become the leader she becomes by the end of the movie.

Research Your Past. Moana learned a great deal about her past from her parents, but it was her Gramma Tala who showed her the full history of her people. Sometimes people want to shield you from things that might endanger you. I know personally that finally knowing some of my family history helped  to heal from my not so perfect childhood. Moana’s father shielded her from the truth because had a bad experience. Once Moana learned the truth she was able to gain the strength to carry out her mission.moana-gramma

Focus on Your Goals. Moana was so focused on her goal of finding Maui and replacing the heart of Ta Fiti. She didn’t let the fact that she never sailed a day in her life get in the way. She didn’t stop and bring stowaway HeiHei home. She didn’t let Maui’s egotistical attitude get in the way. She didn’t let fear of the unknown stop her either. If you are focused on achieving your goals, nothing can stop you, not even evil coconuts!

Don’t Let the Fears of Others Stop You. Have you ever wanted to try something and then didn’t because those around you talked you out of it? Moana wanted to replace the heart of Ta Fiti. Her parents feared the ocean, Maui was scared of Teka. Moana was self-confident in her mission and didn’t let a scary, but pretty crab or an angry lava monster stop her from completing her goal.

Don’t be Conceited. Maui was so sure of himself to a fault. Moana found Maui to get him to replace Ta Fiti’s heart. He was so busy boasting about his accomplishments that he missed that she was actually not happy with him.maui-moana

Sometimes We Just Need Love. Teka and Ta Fiti are one and the same. Ta Fiti became Teka because she was angry someone stole something of hers. You can ask my husband and I am sure he will tell you I have Teka moments, but deep down I am mainly Ta Fiti. Once Moana reached out to Teka and replaced her heart, everything became calm and beautiful. Reach out to those who seem angry and hurting. Reach out to the  Tekas  of the world, and you might just find they are really a Ta Fiti.

Moana: Strong Voyager Princess

Overall, I think Moana is a great princess for little girls to look up to. She shares the grace of Cinderella, the determination of Mulan, the realness of Anna, the free spirit of Merida, and the wisdom of Elsa.

Don’t forget to watch the end credits and the beginning short!

If you have seen Moana, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

You can meet Moana at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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Becky Gedeborg Pipes

Monday 6th of February 2017

Looove the goal aspect. So true! And a great lesson for all of us. <3

Katharine Godbey

Thursday 26th of January 2017

We've not seen it yet. The look of the film is incredible. Digital design just keeps getting better! It sounds like it sends a good message. Look forward to seeing it.