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Kiss – Gradation Polishes Review #rosevoxbox

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Disclaimer: I received this product free for review purposes. Regardless all views are 100% my own and truthful.

If you are looking for an easy way to get that awesome hombre nail look, the Kiss Gradation is the easiest way yo get it. I may not wear a lot of makeup, but I do love doing my nails and this kit is perfect for me! NailPolishReview

Kiss – Gradation Polishes Instructions

  1. Apply two coats of step 1 polish, let it dry
  2. Apply one coat of step two polish on tip of nail only; approximately 1/3 of nail
  3. Before step 2 polish is dry, apply one coat of step 3 polish on top 1/2 of nail to blend colors.  Let it dry completely. Then repeat the step on other hand.

Kiss – Gradation Polishes Review

I have never used any nail polishes like this and I’m the girl who usually sticks to the base color being black but honestly I would use this again. I liked watching as each layer changed it just a little. The first color is a shimmering, pale gold while the second color is darker gold . When putting on the third polish I would suggest putting it on a little thick. Overall, it was very easy and quick to do. If you are looking for something inexpensive that looks like what you would get if you got it done by a professional I would highly suggest choosing this nail polish.  It costs about $7  opposed to $10 -$50  for getting them done professionally, plus with the nail polish you can repaint them.


Kiss - Gradation Polishes Review





Thank you for sharing!