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Hula Dance Lesson at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Thank you for sharing!


I just love resort hopping! Yesterday, before my Sea World event I showed my friend Christa the Grand Floridian Gingerbread House and then we hopped on the monorail to the Polynesian. The Polynesian Resort is dressed so pretty for the holidays!  We were about to leave so we could catch the bus back to Downtown Disney when we came upon a impromptu Hula Dance lesson in the front of the gorgeous lobby.

Christa and I got grass skirts and leis to put on. This experience is made for kids and adults because adult sized skirts were available. For “Pooh-sized” people like me the adult skirts are worn more like an apron. We were also handed maracas. The hula teacher than began teaching us the hula dance. We learned about the steps and hip motions first. Then, she started showing us the particular story we are going to tell through dance.  The hands during a hula dance tell a story.  I was only able to hear part of the story though because of the noise of the lobby. I wish she would of worn some sort of microphone so I could hear her better. After a couple practice run throughs, the music starts.  After the hand part of the hula dance we get to take our instruments and play them while dancing in a circle. I probably looked silly trying to do this but I do have to say that the moment was pretty magical. Don’t be afraid to act like a kid at Disney, it is all part of the experience!!

So, have you ever done the hula at the Polynesian resort?

Thank you for sharing!