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Tips and Ideas for a Disney Movie Night

Thank you for sharing!

One of my favorite frugal family fun time activities is having an at-home themed movie night. It takes the idea of just watching a movie together to a whole other level. It does take some planning so here are some tips on how to plan a Disney Movie Night and some great ideas for some I have gathered.

Tips and Ideas for a Disney Movie Night

How to Plan a Disney Movie Night

Picking the Right Movie. Think of a movie you have seen before or a new sequel to one you have seen before. The best part about a themed movie night is adding touches to the night that highlight parts of the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie before it will be harder to know what exactly to include in your evening.

Meal Or Snack Choice. This is where the fun begins. Your meal can be based off the location of the movie. For instance, we did a Lilo & Stitch Movie night and had Hawaiian based dishes. Your meal could also have movie names for regular food. For examples, we did a Star Wars movie night and had Chocolate Covered Pretzel Light Sabers, Princess Leila Honey Buns, and Jar Jar Links in a Blanket.

Incredibles Movie Night Food

Costume Choice. Are you going to dress up? I think it adds a bit of fun, especially for the kids. My husband doesn’t always participate but I usually do. If you are watching Dirty Dancing put on a pretty dress. For 80’s movies tease your hair and put on blue eye shadow. The possibilities are endless once you think about the details of your chosen movie. Be sure to shop at thrift stores so you don’t spend too much.

Decorate. Decorate a little bit. Use the Dollar Tree for some cheap decorations. For my Lilo and Stitch movie night I bought some todem head cutouts to hang around the living room. I spread a tan sheet on the couch to look like sand and also spread beach towels on the floor.

Do more than just watch the movie. Watch Lilo and Stitch and do the Hula. Do a craft together based on the movie, even if it is just coloring sheets. For a Beauty and the Beast movie night, you could read some books together as a family. The possibilities are endless.

Search Pinterest for “Party Ideas” No one ever said you can’t take party ideas and scale them down for just 2 people or just your family.  That is how I get a lot of my ideas for a themed movie night.

Advertise and Invite. Make up some cute invitations or a movie poster to advertise the event. You could preview the menu, the activities, or let the whole night be a surprise.

What movie are you thinking of throwing a themed movie night for?

Thank you for sharing!


Saturday 16th of January 2016

April, this is fantastic. It's takes Movie Night to a different fun level. Love your site, I am glad Twitter sent me this way! Blessings, Gerry