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How to Keep Kids Safe at Disney + DIY Safety Bracelet

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Taking your kids to Walt Disney World is a great way to make lasting memories, share with them the magic of Disney, and have lots of fun. However, keeping track of your kids in a crowded and busy Disney World can be tricky. These tips can help you keep your kids safe in in the most magical place on earth so you can all have fun without extra stress.

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Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe at Disney World

1. Talk To Your Kids About What to Do If They Get Separated from You

If your kids are old enough, a simple discussion can go a long way. Prepare your kids for emergencies by talking to them about what they should do if something goes wrong. For example, you can tell them to look for a Cast Member, call you on their own cellphone, meet at a designated spot, or wait where they are—whatever you think will work best for your family.

Show your child what a Cast Member name tag looks like. The Cast Member costumes will vary from land to land but the name tags stay the same.

2. Take a Picture of Your Child First Thing in the Morning

If your child becomes missing then Cast Members will ask you for your child’s description and what they were last wearing. If this happens later in the day then you probably have some pictures to reference, if it happens first thing you may not. I suggest taking the picture before leaving your resort room or before getting on the parking lot tram.

3. Take a Stroller for Young Kids

Some kids are too young to learn about crowd safety. Take or rent a stroller to keep young children with you in a large crowd so you don’t have to carry them or hold their hand the whole time. This will also give them a chance to nap as well.

I recommend Kingdom Strollers. Kingdom Strollers is a small family-run business and is loved by the Disney Parks Moms Panel.

4. Consider a Backpack Leash

While some people think this is a horrible idea because “kids aren’t pets”, I think a cute and adorable backpack safety system is a great idea to keep kids safe. Some kids are just born runners and explorers. Disney is huge and a curious kid can be gone in a second.

5. Make Sure Your Kids Have your Cellphone Number with Them

If your children are very young, I suggest using dog tags or a bracelet. Below you will find a telephone number bracelet craft. One hack for dog tags is to attach the dog tags to the shoes by relacing the laces with the dog tags at the bottom of the shoes so they won’t fall off if the laces get untied.

Some people use temporary tattoos but with the Florida heat and frequent rain they may get rubbed off.

DIY Elsa Inspired Phone Number Bracelet

6. Avoid Shirts with Names on Them

While it is super fun to make matching shirts for your Disney vacation, please refrain from making a shirt with your child’s name on it. While people do wear birthday buttons at Disney, you have to be pretty close to the child to read the name. Not every person who walks through the Disney gates is a good person.

Other T-Shirt Name Ideas

These are just some ideas, the possibilities are endless without putting your child in danger.

  • Baby Mouse
  • Sister Mouse
  • Birthday Boy
  • Birthday Princess
  • Big Brother
  • Little Sister

7. Dress Kids in Bright Clothing

In a sea of people, families who do matching shirts pop out, families that also dress in bright colors pop out. Make your matching shirts neon pink or yellow!

8. Have Your Kids Wear Glow Sticks at Night

Nighttime is extra crowded at Disney as everyone gathers in one spot for the fireworks. Buy Dollar Tree Glow Sticks and make necklaces and bracelets so you can easily find your kids. Disney sells light-up toys, ears, and necklaces but glow sticks from the Dollar Tree are way cheaper.

Have a Plan with Older Kids

Have a plan with older kids, if they want to explore on their own. According to Disney, a teen must be at least 14 to do this BUT you know your child and if they are not mature enough at 14, don’t do it. If you feel they are, make sure they have a cell phone, a plan with the time you are meeting back up, and where you are meeting back up. Personally I wouldn’t do it for more than a couple hours and I would not do it if it is your family’s first trip.

Taking your kids to Disney World doesn’t have to be stressful or scary. Use the tips above to keep your kids safe while you all enjoy the magic of Disney.

How to Make a DIY Phone Number Bracelet

Making this bracelet is super easy and would be a great activity to help countdown to your Disney Vacation! It is also a budget-friendly activity. You can find pony beads at the Dollar Tree but they are equally cheap on Amazon and you get more color choices.

I decided to make my bracelets Disney inspired, by Disney bounding the colors. For example, one bracelet is blue and silver and that reminds me of Elsa. The other one I made is pink and blue and that reminds me of Aurora and the Make it Pink, Make it Blue scene.

Yield: 1

Disney Inspired DIY Phone Number Bracelet

Disney Inspired DIY Phone Number Bracelet

DIY Phone Number Safety Bracelet inspired by different Disney Princesses and characters.


  • Number Beads
  • Colored Pony Beads
  • Elastic Thread


  • Scissors


  1. Find the numbers for your phone number and set them aside.
  2. Decide which Disney character you want for the inspiration for the bracelet.
  3. Using colors from the character's outfit, design the bead pattern for the bracelet.
  4. Put the phone number in the middle, with a colored bead separating the area code from the prefix. Separate the prefix from the rest of the number with another colored bead.
  5. Thread beads onto the bracelet.
  6. Tie the end of the bracelet together in a knot.


Some Possible Color Combinations

Princess Belle - Blue & White, or yellow and gold with some red

Princess Cinderella - Light Blue and White

Princess Ariel - Purple and Green

Princess Rapunzel - Pink and Purple, could add flower beads

Queen Elsa - White, Clear, and Ice Blue

Princess Tiana - Light Green, Light Yellow

Princess Aurora - Pink and Blue

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