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Guest Post Guidlines

I welcome guest posts!

Guidelines when it comes to choosing and accepting guest posters.

  • Pixie Dust Savings does not accept posts from random companies looking to get a link to a product or service I have never heard of. I would like to know a bit about you, so follow the guidelines below and submit your article via the email mentioned. You will also need to give us the password because without it we cannot accept your article.
  • Your post should be relevant to the focus of my blog- frugal ideas and Disney related travel. Since I do not have kids yet, I love frugal kid ideas, homeschooling ideas, and tips for parents when taking kids to Disney. If you have idea please send it to me. If you are a fellow coupon & deals blogger I am open to deal shares (especially near Christmas season!!)
  • Please include an author bio with your guest post, and make it interesting. You may also include your social media links.
  • Please include a Pinterest Friendly picture(s) with your post. Aim for the size to be around 600 x 300 px. I can always make something smaller but I can’t make something bigger.
  • Please submit your posts in Word .doc format.
  • Please credit all sources and use your own pictures.
  • Your post must be original work that hasn’t been offered or published elsewhere.
  • A guest post is a gift that you give away.  If your article is accepted, you grant a license for us to be the exclusive publisher. You may republish extracts – for example, on your own site – but the article in its entirety should not appear elsewhere.
  • Secret Password: Donald Duck

If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please send an email to me at with the secret password in the subject line.  I will confirm receipt of your submission and schedule its run. This takes time so please be patient. It may take between 1 to 3 weeks before we can confirm acceptance for publication. I look forward to working with you!