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Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 16 Recap and Review

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The previews for Grey’s Anatomy had me worried about a couple different relationships. After watching the show I am only April-worriedworried about one, April and Jackson’s relationship. Dr. Weber’s birthday prompted Jackson’s mom to come to the hospital. Of course, since she wasn’t invited to the wedding there was a bit of drama over that. She wanted April to sign a prenup. I personally do not agree with prenups. To me they seem like you are just asking for a divorce. Yet, in this situation I can almost see its’ validity. April agrees to sign it even though Jackson tries to get her to see it is not completely needed. April wants to sign it to get on his mom’s good side. Jackson’s mom brings up April’s faith and it seems like everything goes downhill after that.

April and Jackson disagree on a very BIG issue and that is religion. April is a born-again Christian. Jackson is not. They never talked about those issues which makes sense since their relationship pre-marriage was more of a fling in my eyes because I never thought April would really choose Jackson for a life-long partner. I was shocked when she chose Jackson over Matthew who shared her faith. Other than the faith issue there were other pertinent issues that they obviously have vastly different opinions on like boarding schools, farm life, and more. Love is strong but when it comes to our fundamental beliefs I believe that your marriage partner should have similar worldviews. What do you think? Are April and Jackson going to make it? Is April going to lower her faith standards for Jackson? I hope not. What compromises can they possibly come up with since their worldviews are SOOO different.

josignsJo and Karev sign the “relationship covenant” so they can have a relationship at the hospital. I am excited about that. I like them as a couple and think their dark paths connect them in a beautiful way. I think Karev out of everybody deserves a happy ending. Maybe before the end of the season he will pop the question!

Callie and Derek settled the sensors disagreement. Derek got the nerve to defend Callie’s use of the sensors to the United States government. I am glad- they work together so well and I would of hated to see Callie’s work come to an end. I was surprised they didn’t mention the human resources case against her. Maybe that will come up later.

Poor Christina! She is trying so hard to forget or to not have a relationship with Owen. I think it was funny she was trying to get him to do internet dating. He has obviously been hinting that she is the only one for him. She doesn’t want to be with him, but their mutual attraction and love keeps bringing them back together. I know Christina is leaving at the end of the season so I am completely confused as to where their relationship is going. I did hear a rumor that Burke is coming back for an episode. Hmmm???

I liked this episode and look forward to finding out more about April and Jackson in the next episode!

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