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Free Gifts to Give at Christmas When Money is Tight

Thank you for sharing!

Sometimes you just don’t have the money for Christmas. I have had years like that. Two years was especially rough as my husband was in college and due to clinicals had to cut way back on his hours. We still had Christmas even though no money was spent. The best present of all is that Jesus was born, died for my sins, and raised again to give me eternal life in Heaven. Still, we all like presents so here are some FREE Gifts to Give at Christmas to those you love.

Free Gifts to Give at Christmas

FREE Gifts to Give at Christmas

Some of these gifts are completely free if you already have the materials around the house. If there is a cost is it very minimal.

Free Babysitting: Have friends or family that need a night out. Make them certificates for so many free babysitting nights for the year.

Free Lessons: Do you have a special talent, like cooking or crafting that you can share with someone for free? I know I would love if someone could give me free clarinet or voice lessons.

Free Cleaning or Yard Work: My husband is giving my Mother in Law a free oven cleaning.

Make a Memory Video. Create a video of favorite pictures and memories and put together with music. You can upload to YouTube. You can make it private and then have a link to give them. Another option, though not free but very cheap, is to put the video on a DVD so it can be played on the TV. You can get 10 Blank DVDs for under $4!

Make a Memory Quilt. Gather old t-shirts or other special material from the recipient and sew together a quilt. For the backing pick up an inexpensive blanket from the thrift store or use one you have that you don’t use anymore.

Give a Friend/Family Member a Free Makeover. Feeling pampered is awesome! Grab your personal body scrubs, lotions, and their makeup and give them a beautiful makeover! To take it even further, grab your camera and do a photoshoot.

Create a Recipe Book. Grab together your favorite recipes (extra points if they are family favorites, or passed down) and create a cookbook.

Cook for them. Who doesn’t like a night off of cooking?  Give those on your list the experience of eating out at home. Shop for the groceries (they pay unless you are feeling generous), prepare and serve the meal, and then be sure to clean up.

An Idea for the Kids. Fill a decorated trunk or box with fun clothing, hats and gaudy jewelry for your children to play dress-up.

Preserve Family History. Videotape and interview your parents and grandparents about childhood memories, how they met, etc., and give to siblings or children. I wanted to do this gift idea this year for my sister-in-law but ran out of time as my husband’s grandma passed away at 101 years old.  My sister-in-law is very much into family and family history and would have loved it.

If you have any other ideas that you do, I would love to hear them. Share them with me down in the comments below!

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Thank you for sharing!