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Powerful Lessons in the Gifted Movie | Life is about Finding Balance

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When Role Mommy and Fox SearchLight asked me if I would like to promote the movie Gifted, I jumped at the chance. Who doesn’t love Chris Evans?!?!  All of the opinions in this post are my own. The Gifted movie shares some really powerful lessons that are lessons for everyone, gifted or not.

One of the reasons this Florida girl loved the Gift movie is that it takes places here in Florida. The movie had some great Florida punchlines that locals could really identify with. Since the movie was even in my local area, I had to see if the movie was based on a true story. It is not, but child prodigies like Mary in the movie do exist (source).

Powerful Lessons in the Gifted Movie

Powerful Lessons in the Gifted Movie

The Gifted movie featured several “gifted” people other than Mary and these people shared the great lessons in the movie. Everyone is gifted in one area or another. I learned this when I was an elementary teacher. An individual may not be academically gifted but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a message to share.

Mental Illness is Real. Mary’s mother committed suicide, that is how Mary ended up in the care of her Uncle Frank.  Mary’s mother was depressed. Frank saw it. Frank’s mother refused to see it because Mary’s mother was so smart. Depression can affect anyone, even gifted people. Become more aware of the signs and be a friend to someone that is battling mental illness by getting them help. Sometimes it takes more than a hug, sometimes it means medication. Let’s work together to take away the stigma.

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Family is Not Always Blood. Octavia Spencer plays Roberta who is a great friend and support system to Frank while he raises Mary. She tries to guide Frank in making right decisions and like a true friend makes no issue when telling him off when she thinks he has screwed up. Frank’s mother begins a custody battle for Mary and creates an even bigger divide between her and him when she uses dirty tactics to try to get custody.

Schools Need to Address Bullying Differently. I don’t want to spoil this part of the movie, but a bullying incident happens and the bully gets little to no punishment. The student that defended the bully got in trouble though. I can understand why the student got in trouble, they hit the other student, but schools don’t monitor bullying enough.

I remember getting teased a bit as a child. I mean it happens and it makes your skin a little tougher. Bullying now is a different story as kids now get more physical and bullied relentlessly. When teachers and other adults dismiss a student’s concern they are spreading the wrong message. When a student’ concerns get dismissed, more physical fights happen or the bullied student gets shunned and has a hard time fitting in.

Animal Lives Matter. Mary has a one-eyed cat, Fred,  that she adores and even brought him to show and tell. Due to circumstances beyond Mary and Frank’s control, Fred ended up in a kill shelter. I am so glad a movie decided to show this. People need to know exactly what happens in a kill shelter. Animals get a few days for the owners to find them before they are euthanized. Since Fred only had one eye he had even less time.

I had the chance to teleconference with McKenna Grace and she loved working with Fred. He was a great cuddler and even though McKenna loves acting she would love to work with animals someday when she grows up. I think that is awesome!

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Balance in Life is Important. Mary is extremely gifted in math. She would rather solve calculus equations rather than make friends her age and play. Mary’s life was filled with books and adults. She had no balance. By the end of the movie, Mary is able to begin living a balanced life, one that includes being a child and also includes her love for math.

As an adult, I think we have a hard time having balance in life. We work without play, we take care of others without caring for ourselves, and we worry about the future without enjoying today.

Gifted Movie Trailer

Gifted opened up in theaters this on April 7, 2017. It is a must-see movie!! You will laugh, you will cry, and you will smile, and leave a better person from the powerful lessons in the Gifted movie!

Let’s discuss, what powerful lessons did you get from the Gifted movie?

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Oscar Gonzalez

Thursday 13th of April 2017

I just watched the Stuckman review for this and he gave it really high marks. That and your review make me want to watch it.