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How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep at a Hotel

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Though I love to get away for a vacation, I always love coming home to my bed. Even if the hotel/resort I am staying at has a really comfy bed and pillows, my bed at home is always better.  It took me awhile to figure out how to get a great nights sleep at a hotel and I want to share those tips with you. From comfort items to things that make a comfortable atmosphere I am sharing with you what helps me sleep like Aurora when I travel.

Get a Great Nights Sleep at a Hotel

How to Get a Great Nights Sleep at a Hotel

I need several things before I can sleep comfortably including complete darkness, some noise, comfortable temperature, and a couple comfort items.

How to Achieve Complete Darkness in a Hotel Room

I need it to be pitch black in a hotel room. I sleep that way at home and like sleeping that way while away. First I check to make sure the curtains cover the complete window. If they don’t I usually request another sheet/blanket and then use clothespins to hang the sheet up to fill in any light leaks. I will also use an extra towel to put at the base of the door.

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If the room is too dark, some hotels are great at keeping out the light. Bring a small night light that you can place anywhere you need it. Try to find one that doesn’t need to be plugged in since the plugs might not be accessible.

Creating White Noise

What is white noise? White noise is noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities (source). Your home naturally has different white noises than an unknown hotel room. Some people have white noise machines they travel with, I use an app.

Creating a Home Smell at a Hotel

The scent of your home can be calming. I always try to bring my own pillow. If I am flying and that is not possible, I will bring along a few of my own pillowcases to put over the hotel ones. Your fabric soap and/or softener are familiar scents which will help you fall asleep faster.

Set the Perfect Temperature

I tend to sleep better to cool but not frigid temperatures. For some reason, a lot of resorts and hotels either have it freezing or hot. Keeping the right temp is especially harder now with a lot of places shutting off the air while you are out. In Florida, it takes forever to cool down a room sometimes. I post a little note asking that the temp not be messed with while I am out. I am paying for that room electricity included, how much of it I use should be up to me, not hotel staff.

What is your best tip for getting a good night’s sleep in a hotel? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for sharing!