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Frugal Living and Minimalism

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Have you ever heard of minimalism? I did but had these notions of just living with the bare necessities and that is not exactly what minimalism is. Frugal Living and minimalism are very closely related. Today I am going to share with you my personal reasons for starting to implement some minimalistic ideas into my life and exactly how frugal living and minimalism are related.

Frugal Living and Minimalism

Frugal Living and Minimalism

How to Define Frugal Living

Frugal living to me is saving money when and where you can. It doesn’t mean being cheap to a point where it is not classy or being dishonest. Frugal living basically means you are spending less than the average consumer. I know I spend less than the average consumer both in my everyday life and when it comes to vacationing, especially Disney vacations.

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What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is being intentional with what you consume. According to Joshua Becker, “At its core, minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It is a life that forces intentionality. And as a result, it forces improvements in almost all aspects of your life.”  To me, that means getting rid of the things that are cluttering my life and preventing me from being the best me I can be.

There is no right or wrong way to live minimally. You can live with as little or as much as you want. The idea is being intentional with what you do own. I don’t like the debates within the minimalistic community that say you not living minimally if you have more than so many outfits, appliances, etc. I believe each persons’ minimalism journey is personal. What minimalism looks like to me does not mean it will look the same way for you.

How Frugal Living and Minimalism Relate

I remember when I first started couponing. Oh, my word, getting stuff for free or for pennies was addicting! I would go to CVS and play the coupon game and got so many things. Did I need them? No. Did I think I would use them eventually? Yes. Want to know what I cleaned out of my medicine cabinet a month ago? Yup, I cleaned out all the “free” stuff I got from CVS.

Minimalism means I can still save money, but I can also be very intentional with the money I spend. I will consume less. If something I want to buy does not serve a purpose or will not bring me joy, I am not buying it.

Reasons to Choose Minimalism

Clutter Equals Stress. Do you ever get stressed out by the clutter in your home? I know I do. For example, let’s talk about my closet. I live in a small apartment. The master bedroom has two closets. My husband has one and I have the other. We also have a dresser we share and then we both have some clothes in the second bedroom closet. I also have a basket of clothes on the top shelf of my closet. I would get so stressed about laundry day because I dreaded putting away the clothes. I had way more clothes than space to put them. I started my minimalist journey in my closet. Laundry day does not intimidate me as much. Everything has its’ place. I still have a lot of work to do with my clothes but minimalism is a journey, not a one time decluttering and done.

Travel More. My husband and I are making plans to leave our apartment and go to a life of full-time RV living. You can’t put much in an RV or travel trailer. There is so much I want to see! I want to explore all of Florida and the United States. I want to travel Route 66 and go to Disneyland. Without the “stuff” I am free to go anywhere.

Commercialism Breeds Discontent. Are you happy with what you have? Think about your core needs, safety, family, love, and physical needs. Anything above that is a want. There is nothing wrong with wanting things and having things but the constant need to keep up with your friends on Facebook or the latest trends can leave you feeling discontent like you are missing something.

How Will Minimalism Fit in with Disney Collecting?

Yes, I am an avid Disney collector. I have tons of Disney pins, Cinderella Memorabilia, and lots of other Disney treasures I have collected along the way. Some of the items bring me intense joy or serve a purpose. For example, I got rid of all my regular drinking glasses and brought out my Disney collectible ones to use every day. They were bringing me no real joy and not serving a purpose just sitting in a glass cupboard. Let me enjoy my drinks with Mickey Mouse on my glass. I am keeping those.

I am getting rid of things I bought just because I could or because it is Disney. I don’t need all of it. Plus, I think being intentional with my Disney collectibles will keep the ones I love in the spotlight and not crowded in my curio cabinet.

Coming up I have a series of decluttering posts and will be sharing with you my journey to get rid of the clutter in my life and how I am saving up for the RV.

Thank you for sharing!