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The Wild West at Disney World | Guide to Frontierland

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Go to Disney World and you can experience the wild west and there is great adventure around every corner.  Today I am sharing with you all the attractions, dining options, and gift shops you will find in Disney World’s Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom.


guide to frontierland big thunder mountain

Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom

Frontierland is located just behind Adventureland and next to Liberty Square.

Disney World’s Frontierland Attractions

I have included a free Frontierland Printable Attractions List, this checklist matches the design of my free Walt Disney World Vacation Planner printable.

Guide to frontierland splash mountain

Splash Mountain – The attraction is based on animated sequences in Walt Disney’s 1946 film “Song of the South.”  Most of the ride is a lovely calm ride with a few little drops, but there is one big five-story drop at the end that will get you wet. If you are on the Walt Disney World Railroad on the way to Frontierland, you can see the final “Zip Pe Dee Doo Dah” scene from the train. 

Attraction Tips: This ride is plus-size friendly but legroom is scarce. If you do not want to get wet, wear a poncho. There are no lockers to put your things in so kind of waterproof your belongings by putting them in ziplock bags. During the hotter times of the year, a FP+ is needed as wait times can go over an hour.

The Laughing Place. The Laughing Place is a small, shaded playground for kids who are 2-5 years old. It is a nice place for parents to take a break. This is located underneath the Frontierland Railroad Station next to the entrance of Splash Mountain. 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Take a bumpy, thrilling ride amidst a gold-mining town in a runaway mine train. You go in and out of dark caves. This ride, while not based on a Disney movie, has a great backstory.

[su_quote]Legend has it that a supernatural force dwells within the mountain. When gold was first discovered in the 1850s, a mining company was established. But soon, eerie things began to occur. Miners heard ghostly sounds, cave-ins became frequent and equipment mysteriously failed. Trains would take off and race through the mine and around the mountain driverless! Word got out that the mine was haunted and Big Thunder became another ghost town. Years later, when eyewitness accounts had faded into folklore, new prospectors resurrected the Mining Company and began blasting into the spooky mountain once again. But as the new settlers became aware, some legends turn out to be true. (source)[/su_quote]

Attraction Tips: If you get to this ride before 10 am you have a good chance of not needing a FP+. This ride is a bit rough. The back of the ride is the best.

Tom Sawyer’s Island – Hop a raft away from the splash and thunder of Frontierland to relax a bit at Tom Sawyer’s Island. Children can explore the “woods,” dark caves and mystery mines. Adults enjoy going along for the stroll.

Attraction Tips: There is a restaurant that no longer opens on the island. There are tables and it is a great place to picnic if you brought in your own food.

Country Bear Jamboree – You are invited to the Country Bear Jamboree. The bears sing and play their instruments. Personally it not one of my favorite things to do in the Magic Kingdom. The music is a twangy, country type of music and bores me. It is a nice show though if you are looking to duck out of the heat for a while.

Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade – The Shootin’ Arcade is not included in the price of park admission. One credit (about 2 quarters) will procure you approximately 25 shots. Additional credits are required for extra playtime.

Rifles at the Frontier Shootin’ Arcade do not fire pellets or projectiles of any kind. Instead, each rifle fires an invisible beam of safe infrared light. When the infrared light from the rifle strikes a sensor on the target, a hit is signaled.

Walt Disney Railroad Frontierland Station – This is one of the three stops on the Walt Disney World Railroad. I like this station best because you see the backside of Big Thunder Mountain and several scenes of frontier life that you can’t see from inside the lands.

Disney World’s Frontierland Dining

These restaurants in Frontierland will give you a yummy taste of the southwest.

Pecos Bill’s Tall Tales Cafe – This one of my top 5 places to grab a bite in the Magic Kingdom. They serve tacos, nachos, and burgers. There is a toppings bar where you can take the nachos and make a huge taco salad that is big enough for two people.

There used to be a nachos challenge but that went away, I am hoping a new “secret” menu option comes out soon to replace it.

Golden Oak Outpost – Quick service location that features chicken breast nuggets, Chili Queso fries, cookies, and ice-cold soft drinks! You can also try the Desert Pear Lemonade Slushy.

Westward Ho– Quick service location where you can find assorted pastries, coffee, Hot cocoa, and fountain beverages. During breakfast, they serve a Bacon, Egg, Cheddar and Pepper Jack served on a Multigrain Croissant and after breakfast they serve corn dogs.

Adventureland Gift Shops

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Briar Patch – You will find this gift shop near Splash Mountain. It has Big Thunder and Splash Mountain souvenirs.

Big Al’s – Merchandise cart that sells coonskin caps, cowboy hats, or personalized sheriff’s badges. You will also find a few other beloved Disney souvenirs.

Disney World Frontierland Trading Post

Frontier Trading Post – If you are looking for a great assortment of Disney pins or Magic Bands this is the gift shop to visit. You can also do some great pin trading at this location. 

Splashdown Photos – This is where you can buy your Splash Mountain Photos if you don’t have Memory Maker. You can also find some western-themed souvenirs.

What is your favorite thing to do in Frontierland? Let me know in the comments.

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