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FREE Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give When Money is Tight

Thank you for sharing!

I can’t believe it is almost Valentine’s Day again. I love Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I love any day where I can celebrate the love between me and my husband. My husband, on the other hand, could care less. He will go out with me and sometimes even give me a traditional gift. Mostly, though, we give each other gifts that don’t cost money. Here is a list of FREE Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give.

FREE Valentine's Day Gifts

Handmade card– You don’t even need to go to the craft store. Just take out whatever paper and art supplies you already have and declare your feelings of love. I plan on giving my husband his card in his lunch box since he will either have class or work on Valentine’s day. Stumped for ideas on what to write?

  • Come up with a list of 100 things why you’re in love.
  • Create a coupon book of special things he or she can redeem.
  • Collect old love letters/notes and regift them.

Special text message– I am not too much of a texter, but I do plan on sending a couple special texts for Valentine’s Day. I know I appreciate just being thought of.

Foot or Back Massage– My husband would appreciate either as he works two jobs right now.

Glam Up– Most days I don’t give attention to my appearance. Take the day and pamper yourself with a DIY manicure/pedicure. Do your hair the way he likes, wear your pretty lingerie, and put on a sexy dress even if you are just going to stay home. 

Make a Special Songs Playlist– My husband and I have been married since 2006 and we have many songs that mean so much to us. Put all those songs together, light some candles, and have a romantic evening dancing.

Make a Special Dessert– My husband’s favorite dessert is this Red Velvet Cake that I make. Whatever you love loves, make that for them.

Movie Night– After the kids go to bed or you find a friend who will watch the kids for free, watch a romantic movie together. Check out my list of Disney’s Most Romantic movies.

Let’s discuss! What have you gifted to your spouse that cost little to no money?

Thank you for sharing!

Tampa Bay Bloggers

Sunday 8th of February 2015

These are wonderful ideas!

Crystal H

Saturday 7th of February 2015

Good ideas! I always think that homemade gifts are the best....particularly if they are dessert. :)

Lauren Gay

Friday 6th of February 2015

I love the coupon book idea. I've even done that as a valentine for my child. #TBB #FridaySharefest

Elizabeth Sutherland

Friday 6th of February 2015

Great post!!! I can't believe that it is already FEBRUARY!!! I'm already going to do about 3 of the 6 items on your list...for ME!!!!