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Five Reasons I Love Hotwire

Thank you for sharing!

I try to go to Disney 2-3 times a month. I live about two hours away and sometimes like to stay overnight. I do like staying on property when going to Disney for an extended period or for special occasions, but for nights that I just need a place to sleep  or I will cause a traffic accident Hotwire is perfect.

  1. With Hotwire I can pick my price point.  If I want to spend $50 or $500 I have options.
  2. You can see approval ratings. I choose places with a 75% or more approval rating. I figure you can’t please everyone 3 out of 4 people can’t be wrong. I haven’t been disappointed in my choices yet.
  3. Once you find a hotel you like, it is pretty easy to get that same room again using hints. For instance, my favorite place is in the Celebration, FL area, has a 75% approval rating, free parking, and a $5.09 resort fee per day. I am sure there is a slight chance you could book a wrong place- but using previous searches has not steered me wrong yet.
  4. It gives you chance to check out other hotels without paying too much. Orlando has some pretty great hotels and I would have never been able to stay at them without Hotwire. A couple years ago I stayed at the Rosen Plaza for just $50 a night ($16/day parking not included). I have also stayed in a beautiful Sheraton for about $60 a night. Some of the places I would recommend  even without the discount if someone wanted a nice play to stay.
  5. Saving on my place to stay gives me more money for Disney souvenirs. Hotwire also sends out coupon codes quite often to help you save even more!

Some notes:

  • Please be aware that once you purchase you can not get a refund unless you also purchased travel insurance through them.
  • I always call the hotel to make sure the reservation is ok and pick my bed type if I can.
  • It is best to “shop” over a week period or so. Prices change often and sometimes are lower the next day.


Thank you for sharing!