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Find Thrift Store Clothes as a Plus Size Girl

Thank you for sharing!

I am a plus size girl and sometimes get frustrated when I see smaller women snag so many deals at thrift stores. I have realized though that the deals are out there, you just need to know what you are doing. Here are some thrifting tips that have helped me find some great bargains as a plus sized girl.thrifting-tips-plus-size

Thrifting Tips: Plus Size Edition

  1. Find your store(s). All stores receive plus size clothes. The difference is how they place them in the store. Is an area clearly marked plus size?  Are sizes even separated at all? These are all things I look at when choosing a thrift store to shop in. Looking through racks and racks of clothes to maybe find one shirt that would fit me is not my idea of fun. After all that work, I may not even like it. My favorite thrift stores have a plus size section or their clothes are organized by size. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have the sizes separated.
  2. Try things on. Sometimes, especially if the tag is missing, the clothes really do fit. Make use of the fitting rooms. Sizes are different by each brand. Some stores I am a 24, some stores I am a 20.
  3. Don’t settle. If you really can’t find something you LOVE, then skip it. Just because it fits doesn’t mean you will end up wearing it.
  4. Skip the “when I lose weight” items. A closet full of small clothes doesn’t help you get clothes for today. Honestly, wouldn’t you want  goal items to be new as an extra incentive to lose weight? I know I would.
  5. Shop in comfy clothes and flip flops. Shop in clothes that are easy to take off so that when you are trying on clothes, so it does not take an extra long time to undress and dress again. Wear a bra that is fitted correctly so that you can get an actual feel of how the clothes will actually look.
  6. Watch Sales. Shop on half off days. Many stores have colored tags on clothes and have a daily colored tag sale.

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So, how do you approach thrift stores as a plus size gal?

Thank you for sharing!


Thursday 4th of April 2019

I like to make and refashion things from t shirts and other knits. It doesn't matter if it fits or not if you're going to cut it up for fabric or if it's frumpy if you're going to change it completely. I have made a cute skirt from sweatpants, a funky skirt from cut up t shirts, a tunic from an outdated dress, and a pretty swing style top out of a too-tight long sleeve top (cut the sleeves off and add to the sides). The possibilities are endless. With just basic sewing skills you can make something trendy and cute out of anything.


Friday 5th of April 2019

I have started doing some of that now. Here is a t-shirt I refashioned


Friday 24th of July 2015

The stores I frequent either have a section for plus-sized clothes or they're organized by size and at the end of each section is an XXL+ section.

I only buy thrift store clothes (for many reasons) and it can be difficult to find nice items that are a larger size. I hate that when I walk through the aisles I see so many nice things in small sizes, and once I get to the larger sizes it's all very plain or boring. But if you look hard enough, and you go often, you can find a lot of really nice things!

And yes, always try things on! And don't be afraid to try things on in different sizes other than what you would normally wear. When you're at a thrift store, there are a million different brands and designers and each fit differently. Plus, once things are worn and washed they can change shape and size.


Saturday 6th of December 2014

More great tips - Thanks again for linking up with #FabulouslyFrugal last month x x