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How to Find Budget Friendly Plus Size Activewear for Women

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With all my training for my runDisney Princess 10K, my one workout outfit is not cutting it. I need to get some more activewear to do my training in. Finding budget-friendly plus size activewear for women is a bit tricky, but not impossible. Occasionally you can get lucky and find a piece or two at a thrift shop, but mainly you are going to be buying new items. These are my tips on how to find budget-friendly plus size activewear for women.

Disclosure: I received clothes from Lane Bryant to assist me in writing this post on How to Find Budget-Friendly Activewear for Plus Size Women. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

Budget Friendly Plus Size Activewear

How to Find Budget-Friendly Plus Size Activewear

Shopping for activewear can be a little frustrating. For some reason, most active brands don’t consider plus size women in their clothing line. If they do, they just make the clothes bigger all around and then they fit awkwardly. I am making a change in my life to get healthier because I LOVE my body, curves, rolls, stretch marks and all. Lane Bryant is for plus size women,  I love that their clothes are not an afterthought. The designers made the clothes just for us! 

Don’t hate on yourself while shopping for active clothes. Find clothes that give you the confidence to hit the gym, the streets, or the trail! Usually, I say spend as little as possible, but with active clothes, you need to invest in good items that can withstand a good workout. Spending a little more on some key items is worth it when the clothing item can withstand the test of time and use.

Get Fitted for a Good Sports Bra

Did you know that Lane Bryant offers free bra sizing? Just approach a friendly salesperson and asked to be sized. After finding the appropriate size, decide how much support you want. If you are just doing some light jogging or yoga, light support will be fine for you. Since my activity is speed walking and jogging, I need something with max support so my girls won’t bounce around too much.

This is one area where quality is VERY important. Spending $40-$60 on a good sports bra is an investment. I have bought cheaper bras and they just don’t give the support and wear out way too quickly.

Get Fitted for Good Athletic Shoes

Shoes are very important when starting to workout. You need to go to a running store and get properly fitted. I was nervous going into the running store at first because I have heard stories about being discriminated against because of my size. Thankfully, that did not happen to me. At a running store (I went to Fit2Run), they test your gait (how you walk) and determine if you need a stability shoe or a neutral shoe. Then determine if you need a walking shoe (more for casual use) or a training shoe.

I tried on 8-9 shoes and finally found the shoe that fit me best and provided all the stability needed. The Saucony shoe company reports that a force of up to three times body weight can be exerted on the human foot while running. Finding the perfect shoe for you can mean less foot, leg, hip, and back pain.

Look for Clothes that are Wicking

Wicking garments wick away the sweat and moisture from your skin. If you are getting a great workout in, sweating is inevitable. Stay drier with clothes that have the ability to wick away the sweat. Livi Activewear from Lane Bryant has several options for items that are made with wicking material.

Don’t you just love the top I chose? Livi Active has lots of color options. Most mainstream designers think ladies with more to love want to always dress in black. I can rock colors, just like everyone else. This shirt from Livi Active is lightweight and is wicking. It is also long. I am tall and have a long torso, I can stretch and bend and not worry about showing my tummy to the world.

This may be a little TMI, but I get sweaty between the cheeks and I am not talking about the cheeks on my face. I decided to try out the LIVI ACTIVE Plus Size Wicking No-Show Sport Brief Panty. These panties are cute, my hubby appreciates that. Don’t sacrifice looks for function. I love the splash of gold bling across the top! The panties don’t ride up and are wide enough in the middle to provide adequate coverage. No more sweaty cheeks, lol.

Get socks that are wicking, this will help prevent blisters. Athletic socks have more cushion and support than regular socks.Livi active carries a line of Wicking active socks that you should try out! They are just $6.95 a pair and that is a great price for active socks!

Buy Items One at a Time

My change into being more active is not a New Year’s resolution that is going to fade in a few months. I have been on this journey for awhile. I don’t have the money to spend a bunch all at once getting a whole new workout wardrobe. I am getting items a few at a time. This saves on the monthly budget.

After you have bought your comfy, supportive bra and shoes slowly starting adding tops and bottoms to your plus size activewear collection. The LIVI ACTIVE Plus Size Signature Stretch Active Knee Short with Printed Inset I am sporting is reasonably priced at $29.95. I am in love with these shorts! They are comfy, don’t ride up anywhere, and are high waisted.

Care for Workout Clothes Properly

When you take care of your clothes they last longer and save you money. It is best to hang dry most workout clothes. I do this even if the label says you can tumble dry. Be sure to read care labels so you know specifically how to care for your items.

Lane Bryant Shopping Tips

  • Sign Up For Lane Bryant Emails and Receive 10% off your first purchase. Not only will this get you that 10% discount, but you also get alerted when great sales are happening. I hardly ever purchase something at Lane Bryant that is not discounted, they have great sales and have them often.
  • Don’t Pay Shipping. If you live near a Lane Bryant you can ship to store and ditch the cost of shipping.
  • Shop the Clearance Section. I have found great items, even Livi Activewear items in the clearance section at Lane Bryant.
  • Ask the Sales Person about Sales and Coupons. Sometimes there are deals not boldly advertised or there is a coupon available online that can help make your purchase cheaper. The salesperson can also get you signed up to receive home mailers, which come with awesome coupons!

Let’s discuss! Do you shop at Lane Bryant? Have you tried Lane Bryant’s Livi Activewear line? Let me know in the comments.

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Thank you for sharing!

Nancy Loring

Wednesday 8th of February 2017

Thank you for the tip about Lane Bryant helping with the right bra size.

Jaclynna Nicole Bilon

Thursday 2nd of February 2017

Good for you! Good inspiration


Wednesday 1st of February 2017

You inspire me! To say the least. I cannot wait to see the pictures of you in your 10K and the medal you will be getting! Way to go April!!!!

Samantha Hodges Hatcher

Wednesday 1st of February 2017

Good shoes make all the difference in the world.

Katharine Godbey

Wednesday 1st of February 2017

Thanks for sharing, I need to get some new activewear soon as I'm planning to start an exercise routine along with my weight watchers weight loss plan.