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Cigna Social Media Meetup 2018 | Every Minute Counts

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Marathon weekend at Walt Disney World is an exciting time! You see people everywhere crushing their goals at the most magical place on Earth. I understand the excitement since I completed my first runDisney race last year and will be signing up for another race for the 2019 Marathon Weekend. Cigna sponsors Disney’s Marathon Weekend. I had the privilege of attending the Cigna Social Media Meetup. This year’s theme was “Every Minute Counts”.  The meetup was jammed packed with fun, minute to win it games and interesting facts about fitness and nutrition. I want to share with you what “Every Minute Counts” means to me and what I learned during the event.Every Minute Counts

Every Minute Counts

Last year during the Cigna Meetup we played a game similar to the amazing race and my take away was that it doesn’t matter how fast you are, it just matters that you start the race to a healthier you. Like Baymax, I am not fast, lol. This year we played minute to win it games. It was so much fun!

Every Minute Counts means:

Starting on Time

Every second we started a game late left us behind in trying to win. In life starting on time means getting your annual check-ups each year. Don’t put those off! Even if you think you are healthy, getting a yearly physical is a good idea. Some important numbers like bad cholesterol or high blood pressure don’t have symptoms so a physical is important to start getting those numbers back on track.

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Don’t Rush

I know it might seem odd to say don’t rush during a minute to win it game, but some of the tasks required patience and concentration. One of the games we had to roll a ping pong ball down a tape measure into a shot glass. If the ball rolled too fast it jumped the glass. You may be really excited to start a new healthier lifestyle, if you go full throttle it will be too much too fast and you will probably fail. Take small steps because they really do make a big difference.

Have Fun

Even if my team didn’t win an individual challenge we sure had fun trying. Eating healthier and adding more physical activity to your life shouldn’t be boring. Find healthy foods you love and activities you can see yourself doing for a long time. For me, walking/running is best. I love it, but I think doing it at Disney helps, lol.

Let’s discuss! What are you going to do differently in 2018 to help you make every minute count? 

Thank you for sharing!