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Dolphin Tale 2 – Gavin DeGraw Featurette

Thank you for sharing!


Are you a fan of Winter the dolphin from Dolphin Tale? Did you know the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a short drive from Walt Disney World? I am excited to announce that I am a Dolphin Tale 2 ambassador.  I will be sharing with you about the movie and even bringing you an interview with a few of the stars!!

Today I am sharing with you a song by Gavin Degraw. It has clips from Dolphin Tale 2.

Dolphin Tale 2 continues Winter’s story. The film reunites the entire main cast, led by Harry Connick, Jr., Ashley Judd, Nathan Gamble, Kris Kristofferson, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Austin Stowell, Austin Highsmith and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman. The remarkable dolphin Winter returns as herself.  

Winter helped the Clearwater Marine Aquarium survive possible shutdown, the aquarium and I also think the city of Clearwater is grateful for that. In this new movie, Winter faces more challenges as her surrogate mother, Panama dies. Winter is depressed and and is not bonding with anyone (human or dolphin).  However, the loss of Panama may have even greater repercussions for CMA. The USDA warns Clay they will have to move Winter from the Aquarium because regulations require these social creatures to be paired. If they don’t find a female companion for her—one that she accepts—CMA will lose their beloved Winter.

But as time runs out, there may still be Hope…

This movie is based on true events. 

Dolphin Tale 2 Opens in Theaters September 12, 2014!

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Thank you for sharing!

Hilary @ The RNY Life

Saturday 9th of August 2014

I really enjoyed the first one and I didn't even know they made a second. I look forward to watching it.


Saturday 9th of August 2014

We have Dolphin Tale and we are chomping at the bit to see Dolphin Tale 2. I can't wait for it to come out!

Jen St Germain Leeman

Friday 8th of August 2014

Dolphin Tale is one of my daughter's absolute favorites - I can't wait to tell her there is a part 2 coming out!!


Friday 8th of August 2014

Aww, this sounds great! I'll have to see it with my boys!

Fiona Kelly

Friday 8th of August 2014

I havet seen the first one yet, but like the sound of it and this one. Will need to look out for in the UK when it comes out