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Do you get the couponing high?

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While eating breakfast I turned on the TV and the Krazy Coupon ladies are on the Jeff Probst show. If you can recall she was the first person on Extreme Couponing. Jeff asked them about the couponing high?  They replied yes, they get a high from a super savings shopping trip. I stood back and analyzed whether I get a couponing high. I would have to say yes I do.


Here are five of my couponing high “drugs”

1. A high value coupon- I still remember the $8 off Covergirl coupon from last year. I made so much money off that coupon through overage and Extra Care Bucks.

2. A rare coupon- the coupons in the inserts cycle quite often but every once in awhile a new and/or rare coupon comes along and I would have to say my heart skips a beat.

3. Money Makers- Having the store pay you is such a high.

4. Freebies- full size samples and getting things at the grocery store for free. Last Christmas I got a full size Muddy Buddy Chex Mix.

5. Helping Others- I love playing coupon fairy. This week there was a $10/$50 coupon in the paper. I don’t need the 10 that I have, so I go to the store and hand them out. Now that I have this site, I also give them my site address and tell them they can learn to save even more.  More than once I have made someone’s day. Last Christmas I saw someone with 2 carts full of food. I asked if they had coupons. I assumed they were couponing since they had like 20 boxes of cereal, etc. The replied they were donating to the local shelter. I gave them two and explained they could split up their order and save $20.  That is part of my reason for naming the site Pixie Dust Savings.

So what are your couponing “drugs”?

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Thank you for sharing!