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How to Create a Relaxing Budget-Friendly DIY Spa Day

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I can’t afford to go to a spa all the time though. I might get an occasional manicure or pedicure but usually, I do DIY Spa Day.

Getting pampered is really good for you. It helps relieve stress and makes you feel amazing. Plus, the treatments are good for your body.

DIY Spa Day

A spa day at home is one of the best ways a girl can pamper herself.

Pick the quietest, cleanest room in your home

For me, my bathroom and bedroom are the rooms with the least amount of distraction. Part of the beauty of a spa is that it takes you away from the distractions of everyday life. Since you are not going away from your real life, you need to make do with a close second.

Other than possibly using your phone for music, leave other technology off. This is a time to unplug from the stress of daily life.

If you have kids, try to get your partner to take them for a couple hours or even hire a babysitter. If you can’t find childcare options, either choose nap time or depending on the ages get them involved.

Decide on 2-4 Spa Treatments

The first part of the spa day is a a nice relaxing bath or long, long shower. Make sure to use a nice body scrub or bath salt to remove all the dead skin. Use can also use regular body soap with a nice loofah.

After the bath then do some spa treatments to pay special attention to a few areas of your body.

Even at home spa days can get pricey if you decide you want a lot of treatments. Whether you buy facials or other treatments from the store or make them yourself, they can get pricey if you make or plan too many. Here are some possible beauty spa treatment you could look into doing:

  • Face Mask
  • Hair Mask or Treatment
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Facial

Plan Ahead

Make a simple spa water recipe the night before so it is nice and cool when you start your DIY Spa Day. The water can be as simple as slicing some lemons and adding them to tap water or you can get fancier and try some yummy fruit infused water recipes.

Prepare a simple lunch for yourself the day before. Make sure you have it prepped and ready to eat. Since part of a spa day is to detox a bit. Make it a healthy, light lunch like little sandwiches, fruits, and veggies.

Have all of your Treatments Ready. If some of your treatments are DIY and you can make them ahead of time, have them made. If you can’t make them ahead of time, gather all the ingredients in one spot so you don’t have to spend time rummaging around for them.

Set the Mood

You want to create a relaxing environment that includes all the senses. Think about what you are seeing, what you are touching, smelling, tasting, and hearing. Everything should be pleasant.

Set the mood with candles. Yankee Candles have some really fantastic calming scents that will help set the mood.

Set the mood with music. Choose whatever music relaxes you. Personally I love ocean sounds, smooth jazz, and classical music.

What is your favorite thing to do during a DIY spa day?

Thank you for sharing!

Cassandra D

Thursday 18th of July 2019

This is a great idea for a DIY spa day an I like the insight on setting the mood.