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DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

Thank you for sharing!

At Christmas time I am a decorating diva, other times of the year not so much. I want to change that. For under $10 I made this DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath that I loved hanging on the outside of my home. I love that it was so easy to make and so cheap!

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

You don’t need a glorious home to decorate. This apartment dweller planted this wreath outside and I am only person that decorated in my building. This wreath was very easy to make!

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

Most of the materials I got at my local Dollar Tree. I wanted the spiders from Dollar Tree but I didn’t grab them when I saw them and when I went back, they were gone. My wonderful friend, Sherri, gave the spiders I ended up using.

Dollar Tree Items Needed

  • Metal Wreath Ring 14 1/4″
  • Dollar Tree Ribbon or Mesh- I used spider web mesh and orange ribbon. I used a total of 3 of each color. I probably could have used another 1 each to make it fuller.
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue

DIY Halloween Wreath Directions

Take 2 pipe cleaners and cut each one into thirds.

Take the beginning of the ribbon or mesh and use one of the pipe cleaner pieces to tie the ribbon to the frame. Tie it to the outer rim of the wreath ring.

Next, pull the ribbon up about 3 inches in between each wreath ring. (pictured below).

Leaving the orange ribbon where it is, take alternating color and use another piece of pipe cleaner to attach it next to where the orange one is. Pull the ribbon up about 3 inches in between each wreath ring.

Continue switching between colors. Once a color runs out, tie the end to wreath ring with a pipe cleaner and start another roll of ribbon by using another pipe cleaner to tie to the ring.

Continue filling in the wreath until done.

Add any decoration like the spiders to the wreath with hot glue.

I had thought that the ribbon just being pulled through would slip out but because the ribbon has wire in it, it has not budged.

Now that you have a spooky wreath on your door, you are all ready to welcome Trick or Treaters. Here are my Top Tips and Tricks for Saving Money on Halloween Candy.

If you make one of these and have any questions, leave them in the comments or feel free to email me. I am would also love to see yours so send me a picture!

Thank you for sharing!