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10+ DIY Disney Souvenir Keepsake Crafts

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Disney Souvenirs are part of the Disney World Vacation experience. Whether the Disney souvenirs are expensive or free they are reminders of the most magical vacation you have ever taken!   Take those items and showcase them! Here are some great DIY Disney Souvenir Keepsakes for you to make. 

Doing Disney on a budget means much more than saving on your Walt Disney World vacation, it also means saving money on how you remember your vacation. Every time I look at my souvenirs it reminds me of my time at Disney. I want to remember the magic I felt, the love my husband and I shared together, and the friendships I have made. 

Some of the best reminders are the ones that didn’t cost me anything to receive. Those trinkets may not be worth much monetarily but they spark memories in me that are priceless. These items include:

  • Disney Buttons
  • Disney Maps
  • Magicbands/ Park Tickets
  • Napkins
  • Stickers

One of the best ideas is making a Disney Shadowbox. You will find instructions below for how to make one specifically for pins. They can be used to showcase so many items. You can find a shadowbox on Amazon for less than $20. 

I hope these ideas spark your creativity to see what you can make with your Disney souvenirs. Plus, doing these crafts help with PDD (Post Disney Depression). 

DIY Disney Souvenir Keepsakes

More Ways to Make DIY Disney Souvenir Keepsakes from Disney Freebies

  • Use the buttons as curtain tiebacks. 
  • Make the Park Maps into coasters. Get instructions HERE
  • Turn the Park Maps into placemats. Simply cover with clear contact paper or have laminated at an office supply store. 
  • Create bookmarks from Disney Stickers. 

What have you done with your Disney Souvenirs to showcase them? Let me know in the comments! 

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Thank you for sharing!

Ann Dillard

Sunday 26th of April 2020

I would LOVE you to come up with a way to use Disney VHS tape containers....maybe just the Title insert?