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DIY Disney Character Autograph Ornaments | Vacation Keepsake

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So many times a Walt Disney World park guest will fill up their Disney autograph book and then once they get home it sits on a book shelf and hardly gets looked at again. That is sad considering all the fun that was experienced during the visit. I love collecting Disney character autographs and today I am sharing my DIY Disney Character Autograph ornaments.

DIY Disney Character Autograph Ornaments

DIY Disney Character Autograph Ornaments

You can collect the autographs any time of year.  The characters love signing different kinds of things and usually starts an interesting interaction with them.

Materials Needed:

Clear Plastic Ornaments (find them cheapest at Hobby Lobby)
Permanent Markers
Furniture Polish or Mod Podge


For extra protection, after the autograph has completely cured (dried for 21 days), you can apply a thin coat of clear nail polish over the autograph. I did not do this though.

Mod Podge Method: Next I thinned out some modge podge with some water and poured it into the ornament, making sure not to get any on the outside. I swirled the Mod Podge around slowly to coat the ornament. My ratio was 1 part modge podge to 2 parts water.

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I tipped the ornament upside down in a plastic cup so the excess could come out. Did this just for a minute or so.

Next, I poured some glitter into the ornament and swirled it around until I liked the amount of coverage.

After pouring out the excess glitter I set the ornament upside down again and waited 48 hours for it to dry.

Furniture Polish Method: Swirl a bit of polish inside of the ornament, do this slowly so you don’t get air bubbles. Drain out the excess polish into the bottle and then swirl the glitter around. I used Pledge Floor Care Multi Surface Finish. It is a little bit pricey, but you don’t use much at all. 

I have learned that lighter and finer colored glitter works best so that the autographs POP! I did chunky red glitter for my Minnie Ornament and I will be redoing that one (so glad I live close) because you can barely tell Minnie signed it. You can embellish the ornament even more by adding stickers and ribbon.

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Thank you for sharing!