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DIY Darla Costume | Homemade Disney Costume

Thank you for sharing!

I can sometimes be very indecisive which can lead to frantic last minutes decisions. From the announcement of the 24 Hour Rock Your #DisneySide party to about a week before I could not decide on what my costume was going to be for the party. I thought about doing an Anna or Elsa costume, Cinderella, Princess Leia, and a couple others. I wanted something comfortable to be in, 24 hours is a long time. I wanted something cool to wear, May is super hot and humid in Florida. My DIY Darla costume had to be super easy and affordable. In the end doing a Darla costume seemed fun and I don’t think I saw another Darla all day long.DIY Darla Costume

I found the graphic for her shirt online and went into photoshop and tried to make it a black and white graphic that was big enough for the t-shirt. I glued that paper to a opened up cereal box using spray adhesive. Doing that was for stability than anything else.


I then took a piece of white cotton material and used spray adhesive to “stick” the material to the box. If you spray the adhesive and wait a couple minutes, it will stick but not be permanent.


I then used Crayola Fabric Markers to color in the design. I used light blue, yellow, red, and black. The pack of markers I used did not have pink, but since I was going to be adding glitter later I decided it really didn’t matter. The markers did bleed a little, so I made sure to color a little bit more inside the lines rather than on them. The material has to be fully saturated with the color.




After the material dried. I ironed the material for about 5 minutes to set the color. I then cut out the design. Next was the fun, messy part. Glitter!!  I used Bling and Beauty glue to add the glitter with a paint brush.  I used iridescent glitter for every part except for the red areas where I used pink.  After applying glitter, I let it set for a couple hours.



Then I used spray adhesive to attach the image to a purple shirt I already owned.  Once the spray adhesive was dry I also sewed around the edge for extra sticking insurance. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.


I put my hair in pigtails. Though I didn’t have them high like Darla’s. That would of given me a major headache because my hair is so heavy. I also did not want to wear the DIY headgear, but if you want to make your own headgear check out this awesome video by a cute little girl who made her own. I thought heated up metal against my face wouldn’t be pleasant. For the bag, I made a simple bracelet and tied a baggie to the bracelet. I added some blue glitter and a coloring book page of upside down Nemo. If I would of had more time/money I would of tried to find a stuffed Nemo to use. On the other hand this option was weightless. I used the bracelet so I wouldn’t have to carry it all the time.  I could not find the correct color of Darla’s skort at the thrift store so I just wore some comfy striped pajama bottoms.


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Thank you for sharing!

Angela LeMoine

Monday 9th of June 2014

cute idea! Angela from LeMoine Family Kitchen stopping by from the DBB.