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#DisneySide at Home Celebration

Thank you for sharing!


We had such fun celebrating Harmony’s, Uncle Ryan’s, and Christy’s birthday this past weekend. It might of been rainy and dreary outside, but it was fun and bright inside!

During the party we:

Played Pin the Smile on Mickey (provided in the #DisneySide Celebration box)disneyside-pin-the-smile-on-mickey

Played Twirling Princesses/Freeze Dance with such pretty Sophia the First Crowns (provided in the #DisneySide Celebration box)disneyside-twirling-princesses

Had fun with some Face Painting (Face painting kit provided by Family Christian)disneyside-face-painting

The adults played “Name that Movie” and “Who Said That”.

Enjoyed some delicious food including Duff Tye-Dye Cake, The Grey Stuff, Taco Dip, Burgers (with lots of bacon), veggies, chips, a yogurt bar, and lots of yummy drinks. (Thank you Disney for the Duff Tye-Dye Cake)



In the #DisneySide Home Celebration Facebook Group someone posted a way to decorate the Mickey cake and I tried replicate it. I kind of did a Pinterest fail, but I still think it turned out pretty cute! I am really new to cake decorating and want to get better. I don’t quite have a grasp on piping correctly. Here is the original beautiful cakedisneyside-mickey-cakeEach person left the with a favor bag or box! My favorite part was the Doc McStuffins notebooks I made and the Doc McStuffin’s stethoscope my mother-in-law helped me make! The kid’s loved them!


Thank you for sharing!