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#DisneySide Celebration Countdown Craft

Thank you for sharing!

Celebration Countdown CraftI am so excited for my #DisneySide Home Celebration. I am having the girls make a party countdown chain to help the time pass by since our party is not until the end of February. This also helps build excitement as little ones usually have a hard concept of time.


Since my party theme is Sophia the First, I did choose some girly pinks and purples. I also chose some regular Disney Scrapbook paper because the party is also for the adults.

For the sign I used some of the purple confetti, especially since the girls loved that just as much as all the stuff inside the #DisneySide box!

Materials Needed:

Pretty Scrapbook Paper or Construction Paper

Scissors or Fiskars Paper Trimmer 



  1. Cut the paper into 1 in. strips.
  2. For each day of your countdown, have 1 strip.
  3. Make a chain with the strips.
  4. Every day that you are counting down, take a link off of the chain.

How are you building up the excitement of your #DisneySide party?


Thank you for sharing!