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Disney’s Swan Resort Review

Thank you for sharing!

disney-swan-reviewMy husband and I didn’t plan on staying at the Swan. Honestly, we weren’t planning to stay over night at Disney at all. We decided last minute to celebrate our anniversary with a special dinner. We arrived and our van broke down. Disney value resorts were booked. Disney moderate resorts were pretty much booked as well, unless I wanted a Coronado Springs business suite for $300+.

We got on the Hotwire App and tried getting a room. Our problem= Orlando + Spring Break. Cheap rooms were gone. We tried getting the cheapest room and after we put in our CC info, the room would disappear. That wouldn’t be so bad, but Hotwire is stupid! I didn’t get the room, but they still sent the CC information and deducted the money for the room I did not secure from my bank. We didn’t realize it until later when we got on our bank account and saw it. This was after we did secure a room through the Hotwire app for the Swan. Guess what? We didn’t have enough in that account to cover 2 $200 charges, plus the $100 Swan incidents refundable deposit. My account went negative. My account would have been fine if they didn’t take the non-secured room fee. Hotwire told me to take it up with my bank. My credit union does not have 24 hour customer service because it is smaller. That meant that until Monday I had no access to the money that was mine. Good thing we didn’t try more than 2 times to get a room!!

In my opinion Hotwire shouldn’t charge you until the room is secured. Period. I do not think I will ever use Hotwire again. I use Hotwire as a frugal traveller to get a great room rate. Thankfully my husband and I have a couple different bank accounts so we had another account to get a car rental to get home.

Ok, now that I have handled my new dislike for Hotwire. Let me get on to my opinion of the Swan. My opinion does not include very many of the amenities as my husband and I were just spending the night.

disney-swanI do have to say that the room is gorgeous! It is very spacious, especially the bathroom. I was disappointed that my room came with no toiletries.  No hand soap, no shampoo, conditioner, etc. We were the unexpected traveller so we had no luggage. It was midnight by time we got to our room, so we didn’t bother calling, we just wanted sleep. I do have to say though that if I am paying close to $200 for a room I expect at least some soap to wash my hands.

My husband decides to relax in the jacuzzi tub for a little bit in the morning before we leave. The jacuzzi tub did not work.disney-swan-jacizzi-tub

The customer service was very nice. When we checked out I mentioned the jacuzzi tub not working and she said they would look into it. The best thing about the customer service we encountered was the helpful people at the Mears and Alamo car rental place. Though each place was unable to really help us, they went above and beyond to try to help us and pointed us in the right direction. swan-bathroom

Since the Swan is on Disney property you do have access to Disney transportation. They have pin trading in both the gift shops of the Swan and Dolphin. Since people rarely check out their boards, pin selection is really good.

Overall I would give the Swan 3/5 stars. I base this on the amount I paid (close to $200) versus the conditions I encountered.

Have you ever stayed at the Swan, what did you think about it?

Title picture credit: Flickr CC

Thank you for sharing!


Thursday 9th of April 2015

I have always wanted to stay there. It's as lovely as I imagined. Oh and I have had a horrible Hotwire experience too. :-P


Tuesday 31st of March 2015

What a disappointing celebration that turned out to be. Never stayed there.