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Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue Review

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Disclosure: I received free passes to this movie for review purposes. All opinions are truthful and 100% mine. Disney's Planes: Fire & Rescue Review

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to preview Disney’s Planes: Fire and Rescue. The preview event was pretty fun. It was the second movie preview I have been to where Radio Disney showed up! They had Smokey the Bear as well.  Guess what!?! It is Smokey the Bears 70th birthday! It was fitting for Smokey to be at the preview because the movie does highlight a lot of fire safety. Overall, my Planes: Fire and Rescue review is positive. It is a great movie and one I can’t wait to add to my collection. 

The first I liked about Planes: Fire & Rescue is how they set up the story. I was wondering how they were going to transition Dusty from a racer to a fire fighting plane. The story is great and teaches kids and adults alike that our dreams and goals can change. Dusty tries so hard to something he can no longer do. The story shows his struggle in a way we can all relate to. We have limits that we have control over, just like Dusty. Sometimes, we can overcome them, sometimes we can’t.

The scenery in the movie is breath taking. You can see hidden plane rock structures. This is great in 3d but, I think the movie would be just as great without it so you can save your money. The lodge is cool looking with the amenities you could see a car needing while taking a vacation at a National Park, though the lodge owner gets a little selfish and disregards others and their safety to protect the great lodge. 

The best part about the movie is the Soundtrack! It is really, really good. Brad Paisley performs two new songs for the film, including ‘Runway Romance,’ which was written by director Bobs Gannaway and Danny Jacob, and ‘All In,’ a song Paisley signed on to write and perform after hearing of the film’s firefighting themes. The songs grip at your heartstrings. 

The movie has a lot of comedy parts, even some “adult” humor especially in the tavern scene. The movie promotes community, team work, respect for those in charge and doing the right thing. Fire safety education is a big part of the movie and and child will have a new respect for fire and nature after watching this movie. If you have a child, this movie is a great summer time movie to see. It is better than the original Planes movie, but still not as great as Cars. 


Thank you for sharing!

Brandy Toenges

Monday 21st of July 2014

Oh my kids would love this! I need to get this!


Friday 18th of July 2014

It looks fabulous. I will check it out!

Alisha Duncan

Friday 18th of July 2014

I cannot wait to see this movie! My son is so excited as well.