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Disney’s Brave Movie Review | Perfect for a Mother & Daughter Movie Night

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I watched Disney’s Brave today and I loved it. This is a perfect Mom and Daughter date night movie. Princess Merida is a free-spirited, tomboy character who does not take her mother’s instruction well. Her mother, the Queen, also does not listen to her daughter. It takes a messed up spell to make things better. Think Freaky Friday and throw in some Brother Bear and you basically got Brave.


Disney’s Brave Movie Review

The 3 younger brothers are adorable and provide some comic relief. The horse is one of my favorite characters as well. I commented to my husband that lately, the Disney horses have their own personality that is usually defiant (think of Max in Tangled).

The scenery is amazing. You forget at times you are watching an animated film, even the details in the animals. The only reminder is the animation of the people, they are kind of funny looking.I love the detail in Merida’s hair.

The end is good and doesn’t leave you hanging. Though I guess there is a small window for a Brave II. I was expecting a “Beauty & the Beast” ending, but it doesn’t play out exactly like that.

I would definitely recommend this movie. I loved it and my husband loved it. There is a little bit of black magic (as with most Disney movies) and some scenes might be a little intense for preschoolers which is probably why is it rated PG-13.

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