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Disney’s Boma Restaurant Review

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Disney's Boma

In April, I celebrated my birthday at Disney and had my birthday dinner at Boma.  Boma is located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The cuisine is African, but don’t let that scare you away. I’m about the pickiest eater you will ever meet and I was able to enjoy quite a few of the offerings at this amazing Disney buffet.

My husband and I had reservations at 4 PM, which is when they first open for dinner reservations.  In the future, I would not pick to dine so early. When we were about to leave there was a drum performance/dance around the restaurant by the staff that we almost missed.


The decor puts you into another world, which is Disney’s intent.  There is a beautiful indoor waterfall as you come into to the Boma check in area. My husband and I chose a 2 seater table next to a window, that had a little pond area. It was so serene to look at while dining. African art and design are very evident in every detail.

The dinner buffet offers so many wonderful choices.  some of the choices include a wonderful hummus bar, many soups, African salads and fire-grilled meats.

My favorite soup was the butternut squash soup. It was so creamy and sweet. It might be too sweet for some, but I thought it was perfect.  It tasted like I was eating dessert first.


My husband’s favorite soup was the Mulligatawny Soup.  My husband did try all of the soups, and he went back for several bowls of this one.

Mulligatawny Soup


I had heard so much about the Hummus bar at Boma’s and I was kind of disappointed. I am not sure if the reviews I read were old or if the menu had recently been changed, but the hummus bar did not do it for me. I think was was expecting more variety.  The hummus bar only had 3 flavors of hummus: regular, roasted red pepper, and black bean.  The regular and roasted red pepper hummus was ok, but honestly, Publix has better hummus.  I hadn’t had black bean hummus before and I thought it was pretty good. You are given a choice of chips or pita bread to go with the hummus.

The Bobotie was pretty good. It tasted like a breakfast casserole with beef in it. It was one of those dishes I was kind of scared to try because of the name, but it turned out being one of my favorites.  Fufu is just mashed sweet potatoes and since I love them at home I thought I would try theirs. They were pretty good. I thought the chicken and the pork shoulder were a little dry. The chicken had a great flavor though. The pork shoulder was kind of blah. Even though I am not quite a seafood eater, the Whole Roasted Salmon was my favorite main course meat. It had this like pecan candy coating to it and it was so moist and flavorful.

A kids selection is available but I did not sample any of that food.  The kid’s selection includes baked chicken, corn, macaroni and cheese and a few other regular American dishes.

Disney boma foods



On, to the desserts! Since it was my birthday, I got a special plate of chocolates! Vier means to celebrate in Swahili. The chocolates were elegantly displayed on the plate and I shared the chocolates with my husband because we had already finished our meal, including dessert so I was stuffed. I had a very enjoyable meal.

boma birthday plate

Desserts are the stars at Boma. They are so good. Since they are bite sized, you can try them all not feel too guilty. Unless you are my husband who attempted to eat several of the Zebra Domes.  The Kenyan Coffee tarts are so delicious. The Zebra Domes are amazing!!!!! The Zebra Domes, themselves, are worth the price of the buffet. Some other offerings include banana and butterscotch bread pudding, Cinnamon-Chocolate Mousse, other cookies and desserts.

Boma dessert plate

Service: Table-Service, Buffet

Cuisine: Buffet variety with African accents

Location: Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jambo House

Disney Dining Plan: Yes, 1 table service credit

Price:  $30 to $59.99 per adult—is it worth it? YES 

Thank you for sharing!