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Disney’s Big Book of Disney Songs for Clarinet Review

Thank you for sharing!

Way back in junior high and high school, I was in band. I played the clarinet until 11th grade.  My husband joined the church orchestra right before my church’s big Christmas production, I was in the choir. Seeing him play his tuba and get back into the love of music,made me want to play again. We searched for months to find a clarinet that was in our price range…cheap! Finally, we found a clarinet on Craigslist for just $40. Now that is something I could afford! We headed to this amazing music store called Sam Ashe in Clearwater, FL. It used to be a concert hall that really famous performers performed in and they made it into a music store.  You walk into the store and you can just feel the musical soul of the place. It is very inspiring. They have a different room for each musical intrument section. The place is huge! I originally got a regular technique learning book and was doing ok. It had come with a CD so, I could play along. That CD was in the laptop that was stolen from me.  It was a good book, but not knowing what I was playing was frustrating to me.


We recently went back to Sam Ashe so I could get some more reeds and a cleaning cloth since I didn’t grab one before. While we were there I saw the The Big Book of Disney Songs – Clarinet and looked through it. I probably could play it, remember it has been awhile since I played,so that is saying something about the difficulty of the book. I brought it home and I started playing.

It is fun to play and practice, I almost don’t want to stop practicing.  Since I have forgotten a lot of my key signatures, fingerings, and rhythms this book is perfect for me.  I know the rhythms of all the songs already, so I can keep time and check to see if it sounds right. Since it is Disney related, it is motivation enough for me to relearn all my fingerings and scales so I can master all the songs in the book. This music book would be great for mid beginner to intermediate level players, though, if you love Disney music you will probably want the book anyways.  One version of the book does come with the CD, but the copy I bought does not include a CD.  I figured I own most of the music anyways.

There are 72 songs in the book and they are in alphabetical order. Songs range form very old movie such as Saludos Amigos to somewhat new stuff like High School Musical and Toy Story 2. The first songs I can play fully without too many mistakes are Beauty and the Beast and Once Upon A Dream.  When I get brave enough I will record a video and upload it to Youtube.

The book is also available for other instruments. My husband wants to grab the trombone one so we can play duets. He needs a trombone first.

Thank you for sharing!