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Disney’s All Star Movies Resort Review

Thank you for sharing!

One of the items on my Disney Bucket List is to stay at all the Disney resorts. On my last trip, we stayed at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. I was excited to stay at this resort because of the super cute decor. I had never stayed at a value resort before, just moderates, so I was a little nervous that I would not like it.


Disney’s All Star Movies Resort Review

We got a room in the Love Bug section on the 3rd floor. The room was clean, but we didn’t get a towel animal upon arrival or throughout our 5 day stay. The times where we stayed at the moderates we were always greeted by a Mickey Mouse towel design. I know it is a small thing, but it was still a little disappointing.


I loved the inside decor of the room. It is very “Disney”.  I wish I could have taken home the table with the cute Mickey heads on it.


The noise level from outside was not an issue at all. I think this had a lot to do with us not being near a pool. If you are in the Mighty Ducks or Fantasia section you might hear the activities from the pool. The Fantasia pool area would probably be nosier since they do activities for kids in the pool.



The noise that bothered me was the noise from the connecting room. Next time I would make sure I was not in a connecting room, if those are available. I heard conversations and even people coughing in the other room. That ended up making feel very conscious in my room. I would not suggest this room for a couple wanting to have intimate time.

The in room safe is really, really small. You could probably put a wallet in it. I had wanted to use it for my camera but that was not going to happen.

The in room refrigerator was a decent size. I didn’t check the temperature before I put my items in though and my milk ended up freezing. The refrigerator will easily fit half gallons of milk, sandwich makings, yogurts, and other small items. It was such a money saver for me as we packed sandwich makings and cereal. That let us enjoy a more expensive dinner each night.


We brought along our laptop and loaded some of our digital movies onto it. We also brought along the cable to be able to hook up our laptop to the TV. We did enjoy one Disney movie, but honestly we mainly watched the resort Disney channel that has the newer Mickey Mouse Shorts on it. The same channel has a Duffy the Bear story that plays every 15 minutes from 6pm to 10pm. It is supposed to be for kids, but I enjoyed it a lot. My husband did too, but won’t admit it to anyone else but me.


Overall, my stay at Disney’s All Star Movies resort was nice. I would give the resort 3.5/5 stars. I would stay here again if needed, though I am quite attached to Port Orleans- French Quarter.

Thank you for sharing!

Andrea Mitchell Baker

Sunday 10th of January 2016

Thank you so much for this review. I just booked this hotel (we stayed at POFQ last time) and I am a very light sleeper, so that is good to know about the connecting rooms and the pool noise!