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Disney Special Experiences – Not for Me, Here is Why

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A few months ago I talked about how even though Disney is raising prices on certain items, Disney has not priced me out of the parks. I still feel that way, but I’m starting to feel like Disney is shifting their focus from trying to make to make the parks awesome to making expensive add-ons. Walt Disney World is announcing Disney Special Experiences right and left. I think before they add any more experiences, they need to focus some attention back to the parks.

Disney Special Experiences

Recently. we have lost the Main Street Electrical Parade, Scoop Sanderson, the Osborne Lights, and they have reduced how many improv actors are at Hollywood Studios. I am paying more to get into the parks and being entertained less. 

Yet, these Disney Special Experiences keep popping up. Every Disney nighttime event now has a dessert party. Want to ride 3 rides early in the morning at the Magic Kingdom? That’s a Disney Special Experience. Festival of Fantasy Parade prime viewing areas used to be something you could get a Fastpass for, now it is for a dining experience only. Plus, they added a Riverboat Disney Special Experience for the parade.

Today Disney announced a new Disney Special Experience- Highway in the Sky Dine. It is basically a progressive dinner around the Monorail Loop. Be on the lookout for my DIY budget-friendly version of this experience, as a dinner while resort hopping has been on my bucket listdisney-special-dine-in-sky

I am not saying these experiences aren’t nice. I am not saying they aren’t wonderful experiences to partake in. When Disney does something special, it usually is amazing and well worth the money spent.

I am saying that I wish they would stop taking away from the typical park goers’ experience. Disney has had some special days, such as Photopass Day, that have packed the parks making them money. To pack the parks, they need to make the typical guest happy, not just the ones that have tons of money.

What is your opinion? Do you frequently partake in Disney Special Experiences?


Thank you for sharing!

Nancy Loring

Tuesday 7th of February 2017

I agree with you. Disney is beautiful and magical and that memory should be what you keep.

Mary Beth Elderton

Sunday 4th of December 2016

I agree with you. Not just Disney, but some other places are adding on higher-dollar "specials" while the first reasons someone visits--the park itself--is neglected. The "experiences" may be great, but it is the park itself that brings people in.