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Disney Princess Movie Quotes for Abuse Survivors

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One of the reasons I am in love with Disney movies is that good always wins over evil. I believe that so fiercely. Here are the best Disney Princess Movie quotes for Abuse Survivors because most of Disney princesses went through some type of abuse and came out on the other side.

Disney Princess Movie Quotes for Abuse Survivors

Being a survivor of childhood abuse and spending most of my teen years in foster care, I have learned to persevere and I credit Disney movies to that. Here are my favorite quotes that have inspired me and continue to inspire me to reach beyond my own past and make my own future.

Disney Princess Movie Quotes for Abuse Survivors

Cinderella Quote

No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.” – Cinderella

Cinderella could have very well accepted her fate of being abused by her stepmother and stepsisters but she had hope. Hope is an abuse survivor’s best weapon. It keeps us going. Cinderella believed her circumstances would get better. I believe the Fairy Godmother materialized because of Cinderella’s belief.

There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.” – Merida in Brave

Even though Merida didn’t suffer any abuse what she said applies to abuse survivors. Being a foster kid or an abuse survivor labels you with depressing statistics. I was told most foster kids end up high school dropouts, pregnant moms, drug addicts, and worse. I decided not to be a statistic. I also decided to break the chain of abuse in my family. I control my destiny.

No! You were wrong about the world. And you were wrong about me. And I will never let you use my hair, again!” – Rapunzel

Rapunzel said this to Mother Gothel once she realized Gothel kidnapped her and used her. Rapunzel stood up to her abuser. She said NO! Can you imagine how scary that must have been? Gothel was evil and her abductor. That took some guts on Rapunzel’s part. Don’t let people abuse you, do what you need to do to make it stop even if you need to leave.

 “I remember Daddy told me, fairy tales can come true. You got to make them happen, it all depends on you!” – Tiana

Just like Rapunzel changed her future and Merida changed hers. Tiana urges us to make our own dreams come true. Break the chains of abuse.

Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.” – Snow White

Sometimes it is easy to believe that our happiness is dependent on someone else. It is not. We can not only fill our own heart with sunshine but our sunshine can be shared with the world. Snow White went through some horrible abuse and even an attempt on her life and she was still cheery.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. -Emperor

This truth from Mulan speaks so much to me. Coming out on the other side of abuse makes survivors beautiful and rare. We might have a few marks but we are amazing! Our spirits are stronger.

Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me. When will my reflection show who I am inside?” — Mulan

Abuse can leave us with so much self doubt, depression, and confusion. We might not see the strong person we are as an abuse survivor. Eventually though our reflection will show us we were always meant to be. Strong, courageous, and capable of anything we put our mind to.

Let it go.” — Elsa

Sometimes this is the hardest thing to do. Though I might never forget the abuse I can “let it go”. The abuse does not need to continue to hold me captive.

Sometimes the world seems against you/ The journey may leave a scar/ But scars can heal and reveal/ Just where you are” – Gramma Tala

Gramma Tala gave Moana so much wisdom. Our journey may have a couple scars but healing is possible.

If you dream a thing more than once it’s sure to come true.” – Aurora

Our past doesn’t determine our future. A better future is sure to come. Picture and dream about the future you want for yourself and work on making it happen.

Are there any other Disney Princess Movie quotes you would add to this list?

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Sunday 13th of October 2019

I am a survivor of abuse. And I want to help all of the other kids like me. No one desrves that. And I want to make a world where abuse does not mean anything. It will be a word no longer spoken. Because it will ceace to exsist.