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Disney Pin Trading Essentials

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did not find out about Disney pin trading until I went to the parks and asked about the pins the cast members wear. I was missing out on my previous trips and don’t want you to miss this fun experience. Many of the items needed for pin trading can be bought before heading to Disney. Here are the items I consider Disney Pin Trading Essentials.


Disney Pin Trading Essentials

Lanyard – Disney sells starter packs that include a lanyard and they also sell stand alone lanyards. These can be very pricey at the parks. Before Magic Bands came along I would have suggested waiting to get to the park to buy one because the lanyard came with a cool Disney ticket holder. The have eliminated the pouch and now offer medallions.  I usually just attach my Dollar Tree Water Bottle and Keys to the bottom of the lanyard. You should get a lanyard that is at least a 1/2 inch wide to support the pins.

Disney Pin Trading Bag – You can find the official pin trading bags on Amazon. I suggest the zipper style. I started with the non zipper style and lost a few pins. The zippered bags also allow you to take them around the parks easily.

Locking Pin Backs – The rubber backs that come with the pins get so used that they no longer work and come off. Also while riding turbulent rides like Space Mountain or Splash Mountain, it is easy for the pins to snag right off. Locking pin backs are worth the investment.

Rubber Mickey Head Pin Backs – Since the Mickey Head Pin Backs get so much use, it is a good idea to stock up on these. If you get the Pin Trading Bag, both kinds of pin backs will fit nicely in the pouch.

Tiny Allen Wrench – The little tool that comes with the locking pin backs is very easily lost. I pick up a few from the hardware store for under a $1.

Display Board for Home – There are many ways to display your pins, but I prefer a display cork board. I bought a small cork board at the dollar store. I painted the sides and hot glued a black background.

Pins for Trading – I suggest buying pins from reputable sellers on Ebay or My Disney Pins.  Cheap lots on Ebay or Amazon tend to be scrapper pins. Please see my article about How to Tell if a Disney Pin a Scrapper to learn more about that topic.

What is your favorite part about trading pins at the Disney Resort?

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Thank you for sharing!